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Intensify your music with our award-winning drum samples, loops and sound effects. Our sounds deliver endless inspiration for forward-thinking musicians.

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From the industry’s leading drum samples and sound effects to authentic Latin percussion and award-winning sample packs, our Sounds Bundle delivers an endless palette of creative content for forward-thinking music creators – delivering over 50GB of content and 180,000 sounds and loops.

What’s Included?

£399.95 Value

Complete Drums 2

The definitive drum library for electronic music production. 34,000 pristinely produced drum samples…

Discover Complete Drums 2
£34.95 Value

SFX Collection 03

An exhilarating collection of forward-thinking special effects samples for next-generation electronic music production, cinematic sound design and game audio…

Discover SFX Collection 03
£24.95 Value

Berlin Techno

Drawing influence from Berlin’s underground Techno scene, Berlin Techno delivers warehouse infused beats, brutal analogue bass, minimal chords, abstract percussion and more…

Discover Berlin Techno
£29.95 Value

Future Chill & Cinematic

A journey through emotive, organic sound, Future Chill & Cinematic fuses seductive Future Chill beats and growling analogue bass with cinematic strings, emotional pianos & found sound elements…

Discover Future Chill & Cinematic
£34.95 Value

SFX Collection 02

An epic collection of next-generation sound effects samples, cinematic trailer tools and cutting-edge transitional FX elements for forward-thinking music production…

Discover SFX Collection 02
£22.95 Value

Tape Snares & Layers

A lively and articulately designed collection of ‘characterful’ snare drum samples and creative layering tools…

Discover Tape Snares & Layers
£24.95 Value

Afro-Latin Perc Vol 1

Authentic Afro-Latin percussion ensembles, powerful tribal rhythms, expressive fills and intricate solo percussion performances…

Discover Afro-Latin Perc Vol 1
£24.95 Value

Afro-Latin perc Vol 2

A powerful collection of percussion ensembles, fills and intricate solo percussion loops. Including congas, djembe, bongos, timbales and more…

Discover Afro-Latin perc Vol 2
£29.95 Value

Mainroom Techno & Tech House

A floor-filling collection of driving Techno drum grooves, energetic Tech House synth lines, chords, vocals, sound effects and much more…

Discover Mainroom Techno & Tech House
£24.99 Value

Ethereal Electronica

An emotive collection of blissed out Chillwave beats, undulating analogue bass, cinematic pianos, textural guitars, dream-like keys, liquid synths lines, dusty foley percussion and dense soundscapes…

Discover Ethereal Electronica
£24.95 Value

Deep Tech House

An immersive collection of powerful Deep House samples; blending melodic and moody with deep and dirty…

Discover Deep Tech House
£59.95 Value

Drumvolution for Live

A deeply integrated Live Pack version of our award-winning Drumvolution Drum Machine…

Discover Drumvolution for Live
£59.95 Value

Revolution for Live

14 iconic drum machines for Ableton Live…

Discover Revolution for Live
£11.95 Value

Drum Fills & Builds

A stunning collection of carefully crafted drum fills, builds and percussive drops; perfect for EDM, Disco, House music and beyond…

Discover Drum Fills & Builds
£19.95 Value

Chords & Stabs

Vintage chords, dusty keys, aggressive stabs & stacked synths; Chords & Stabs serves up over 1,000 key-labelled one shot chord and stab samples for forward-thinking music production…

Discover Chords & Stabs
£29.95 Value

Percussive Tech House

An exciting collection of percussive infused Tech House loops and intricately produced groove layering tools…

Discover Percussive Tech House
£29.95 Value

Future House

A powerful collection of futuristic Deep House loops, lush chords, twisted groove loops, dark evolving bass, experimental vocal chops and much more…

Discover Future House
£9.95 Value

African Rhythms

Capturing the sound of Senegal, West Africa with over 130 beautifully recorded percussion loops, samples and tribal drum ensembles…

Discover African Rhythms
£34.95 Value

SFX Collection 01

Over 1.5GB of stunning sound effects samples and transition effects for forward-thinking dance music production…

Discover SFX Collection 01
£29.95 Value

Organic Analogue Techno

Organic Analogue Techno blurs the lines between electronic and organic, fusing dubby chords, cinematic synths and ethereal sound-beds with syncopated drums, monstrous bass and abstract found sound…

Discover Organic Analogue Techno
£24.95 Value

Tech House

Inspired by pioneering labels such as Toolroom and Hot Creations, Tech House delivers a fresh collection of down and dirty drum samples, twisted synth lines, throbbing basslines and more…

Discover Tech House
£29.95 Value

Deep House & Garage

An eclectic, up-to-the-minute collection of bass-driven Garage and Chicago-influenced Deep House loops, samples and MIDI…

Discover Deep House & Garage
£24.95 Value


Pumping beats, tribal-infused grooves, dubbed-out chords, ominous synths, menacing bass and gritty drum samples; Techno takes you on a journey inspired by the heaving Mainroom Techno scene…

Discover Techno
£24.95 Value

EDM Progressive House

A floor-filling EDM sample pack filled with driving Progressive House loops, drums, synths and vocals…

Discover EDM Progressive House
£22.95 Value

Modern Guitar Tools

A fresh collection of inspirational guitar loops covering a wide range of playing styles and musical genres…

Discover Modern Guitar Tools
£19.95 Value

Bass House

Rough and raw House music fused with the dark, contemporary sound of Bass House & Garage; straight from the underground…

Discover Bass House
£22.95 Value

Mainroom Future House

A floor-filling collection of Future House and pumping Mainroom House loops, drums, synths and vocals…

Discover Mainroom Future House
£29.95 Value

Loop Tools & Grooves

Creatively produced top loops, tribal percussion, drum fills, layering tools, vocal cuts and much more; specifically designed to add movement and character to your productions…

Discover Loop Tools & Grooves
£34.95 Value

Tech House & Minimal

Chunky house loops, minimal bass grooves, twisted synth lines, and a huge selection of original drum hits to inspire your latest dance music productions…

Discover Tech House & Minimal
£34.95 Value

Electro Collection

A club-ready collection of drum loops, twisted bass & synths for characterful Electro House and Progressive music…

Discover Electro Collection
£19.95 Value

Mainroom Drum & Bass

Fusing uplifting and melodic with downright dark and dirty, Mainroom DnB delivers a boundary-breaking collection of monstrous Drum & Bass samples, loops, drum hits and sound effects…

Discover Mainroom Drum & Bass
£29.95 Value

Deep Tech & Progressive

A cutting-edge collection of progressive synth loops, lush chords, minimal drum grooves, driving analogue bass loops and a huge selection of one-shot drums…

Discover Deep Tech & Progressive
  • Includes 40 inspiring sample packs
  • Over 50GB of creative content
  • Over 180,000 sounds and loops