Transform your one shot drums into production ready patterns. Get inspired with over 700+ presets and 15,000 curated samples.


Elevate your music with Triaz, an innovative drum engine designed for unparalleled beat creation.

With lightning-fast polyrhythmic sequencing, advanced drum layering, dynamic mixing tools, and intelligent randomization, Triaz redefines the art of drum production.

Experience beat making like never before with per-step parameter modulation. Dive deep into a vast sonic landscape with 700+ presets and 15,000 meticulously designed drums.

Effortlessly import and organize your own samples and export your creations via Audio and MIDI at the speed of inspiration.

Available now as a native AU, VST3 and AAX plugin for macOS and Windows.

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Supercharged Drum Production

Make better beats, faster. Triaz is your new playground for drums.

Load your own samples

Seamlessly drag & drop samples onto any layer or mixer channel and randomize through entire folders of drums.

Import & Sort entire sample packs

Effortlessly import entire sample packs into Triaz’s sound browser with automatic tagging and categorization.

Intelligently randomize

Instantly generate brand new beats and kits with Triaz’s intelligent Drum Randomizer.

Powerful polyrhythmic sequencing

Create ever-evolving drum patterns using intuitive visual sequencing. Go further with Pitch, Chance, Repeats, and Note Offset per step.

Sequence any parameter

Creatively sequence any of Triaz’s layer or channel FX parameters with the Motion Sequencer.

Explore 700+ presets

Explore 700+ production-ready presets. Preview beats on the fly, build your own playlists, randomize, browse expansions and more.

Effortless export your beat

Export your beats with unrivalled flexibility. Effortless drag and drop audio stems, full mixes or MIDI into your DAW.

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Drums redefined

Unleash the full potential of your beats with lightning-fast polyrhythmic sequencing, innovative sample layering, and dynamic mixing tools. Triaz redefines the art of drum programming with per-step parameter modulation, going far beyond the limitations of traditional piano rolls and conventional sequencers.

Explore a vast sonic landscape with 700+ professionally designed presets spanning 18 modern genres. Dive deep into an extensive vault of 15,000 meticulously curated samples or effortlessly import and organize your own with intuitive automatic tagging and drag-and-drop kit building.

Welcome to a new era of drum production where innovation meets inspiration, and your sonic possibilities are limitless.

700+ inspiring presets

Triaz boasts an extensive library of over 700 beautifully crafted presets spanning 18 contemporary genres.

From epic Cinematic drums and World Percussion to driving Tech House & Techno, Lofi Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Dancehall, Drum & Bass, and beyond; each preset provides a perfect starting point for your creative journey, whether you’re remixing it into a unique creation or searching mix-ready beats for instant inspiration.

Every preset features a distinctive drum pattern, expertly curated sample selection, and fine-tuned mix and master effects, providing a diverse and ready-to-use foundation for your next track.

Effortlessly explore Triaz’s extensive preset collection through the integrated browser. Build playlists, explore expansions, and mark any preset as a favorite for convenient future access. Quick loading preset previews, coupled with undo/redo support, make finding and loading presets a breeze.


Follow your flow

Triaz keeps your drum production flowing without getting stuck in the details. Most drum production tools go to the extremes of being overly simple or unnecessarily complex.

Triaz was designed to let producers, sound designers and artists move seamlessly between the most demanding details of drum production.

Triaz is incredibly fast and easy to use while still letting you dive into the sonic nuances that set top creators apart. All without ever losing sight of what matters most: making music.

Next level layering

Create entirely new and previously unheard drum sounds effortlessly using Triaz’s innovative approach to drum layering.

Visually blend up to three distinct samples on any of the 12 drum channels or modulate the XY pad mix position with the Motion Sequencer for creative sonic exploration.

Craft your ideal kick by combining an 808 sub, acoustic bass drum, and vinyl crackle, or experiment with layered hi-hats, each with unique panning, filter, and LFO settings.

Whether using our extensive library of 15,000 included drums or importing your own, new sonic territory is only a click away.


Tweak your beat to perfection with Triaz’s extensive sound design parameters.

Get creative with multi-mode filters, envelopes, distortion, LFO’s, modulation, reverse, random panning, start position, and more. All available per layer.

Use slop to add humanization to each drum hit by subtly randomising volume, tuning, start position and filter cutoff.

Take modulation to new heights with parameter sequencing. Right-click any control to assign and modulate it with the Motion Sequencer in sync with your beat.

Ready to randomize

Instantly generate new beats and kits on the fly with Triaz’s Drum Randomizer.

Effortlessly remix the 700+ included presets, or automatically build kits from your favourite sample packs.

This powerful tool adapts to your preferences, intelligently selecting new samples for all Triaz’s 36 sample layers with a single click. Activate the ‘Similar Sounds’ option to discover fresh sounds that compliment your existing kit or disable it for entirely new combinations while still matching your current layout.

With full undo/redo support and sample randomization locking you can freely explore new kits and sounds no matter how far your sonic journey takes you.

Playground for Beats

Sequence like never before

Unleash your creativity and effortlessly craft dynamic drum loops with Triaz’s powerful sequencer.

Whether you’re a seasoned drum machine enthusiast or just want amazing beats, this could very well be the fastest and most fun you’ve ever had building drum patterns.

Take full advantage of Triaz’s 12 drum channels, each capable of independent sequencing with unique timing rate, loop length, and swing amount. Whether you’re aiming for the classic combination of swung hi-hats over a four-on-the-floor kick to make an EDM anthem or exploring the experimental realms of 7 over 13 timing for your next freeform Jazz record, Triaz empowers you to explore new musical ideas at the speed of inspiration.

Triaz’s sequencer offers new ways to visualize and edit your drums by adapting to your preferred workflow. Whether you choose to draw patterns by hand, taking advantage of Triaz’s robust per-lane features like ‘duplicate loop’ and ‘randomize’, or opt for the hands-on approach using your favorite MIDI controller with its powerful real-time recorder, Triaz’s sequencer infuses your drums with life and dynamic movement.

Create patterns with the authentic feel of audio and the flexibility of MIDI through a new approach that combines the best of both worlds. With six distinct editing modes and organic groove humanization, Triaz reshapes the way you interact with and build your drums.


Draw drum patterns with dynamic velocity quickly with per lane colors for fast visualization. See a comprehensive overview of the drums for your entire production at a glance or use the ‘Focus Zoom’ mode to zoom into a specific lane for detailed precision.


Set each drum hit to repeat between 1 to 9 times for each step. Effortlessly craft intricate hi-hat and snare rolls ideal for Trap beats, create IDM glitch effects from any sound source or add subtle ghost notes to a snare roll for a nuanced touch in a singer/songwriter ballad.


Adjust the probability of each drum trigger to build patterns that defy repetition. Whether you’re aiming for subtle variations in a background tambourine or constructing snare and tom fills with perpetual unpredictability, the Chance feature introduces a new layer of realism to your sound similar to the dynamic variations of a live performance.


Shift drums forwards and backwards in relation to each beat for a range of timing and groove variations. A crucial feature whether you’re recording your drums in real-time, capturing the nuances of an un-quantized performance, or chasing the perfect lo-fi feel by defining the subtle flam between every clap and snare hit.


Fine-tune the pitch of each drum hit in semi-tones across two octaves. Transform a lone tom into an ideal pitched fill or craft melodic sequences and basslines to harmonize with your drums. Moreover, activate the ‘Keyboard Pitch Mode’ from the mixer for any drum to capture real-time melodic patterns using a MIDI controller.


Effortlessly sequence any of Triaz’s layer or channel FX parameters in sync with your beat using the Motion Sequencer. Simply right-click to make a Motion assignment. Whether dynamically adjusting the panning of a noise element in a snare drum, rhythmically fine-tuning distortion on a kick drum, tweaking the decay time of an open hi-hat, or automating the delay send of a clap, motion sequencing presents a gateway to infinite creative possibilities.


Shape, twist and enhance your drums with ease.

Triaz is equipped with a comprehensive set of mix tools to unleash your creativity and fine tune your beats. Each channel contains an intuitively designed tilt EQ, a punchy mastering-grade Compressor and a creative channel strip featuring a Transient Shaper, OTT Maximiser, Stereo Widener, Analog Modelled Saturation and an emulation of the iconic SP1200 sampler’s Tuning, Bit-Crushing and Sample Rate reduction circuitry.

Seamlessly modulate any of their parameters in sync with your beat with the Motion Sequencer or control them using hardware or DAW automation.

Whether you are aiming for a clean and punchy modern drum sound or dirty and characterful vintage tone, we’ve got you covered.

Creatively effect

Get creative with Triaz’s versatile suite of spatial effects.

Reverb A is an algorithmic reverb capable of everything from tight natural spaces to lush ethereal canyons. Reverb B is a convolution reverb boasting over 350 impulses captured from some of the best hardware reverbs and acoustic spaces in existence. It includes programs from analog plates, lofi springs, large recording studios, the iconic 80’s RMX NonLin, a heavenly modern digital reverb and many more.

The delay comes with tempo syncing, Ping-Pong mode, modulation, and, like all the FX Sends, can be controlled with the Motion Sequencer. Add depth and movement to your beat by programming the last clap of a beat covered in atmospheric reverb or add clarity to your fills by setting the exact amount of delay on each drum in a tom fill.

Triaz’s built-in effects are not only powerful and lightning-quick but also deliver the exceptional sound quality you’d expect from top-tier plugins. The best part? They won’t drain your CPU no matter how much you put them to work.


Triaz’s mixer lets you quickly mix your drums whilst retaining easy access to all the sound design and drum layer parameters above.

Set the perfect send FX amounts for Reverb and Delay, solo / mute, pan, motion sequence, or right-click any of the drum icons to open the drum icon browser to choose an appropriate icon for your imported samples.

Activate the ‘Keyboard Pitch Mode’ at the bottom of any mixer channel to play real-time melodic patterns using a MIDI controller. Open the advanced menu next to it to set drum retrigger time or copy / paste, swap, save / load entire drum channels with all sound design parameters and current sound selection intact for easy recall.


Master your drums with exceptional loudness, impact, punch and clarity.

We’re serious about mastering – Always chasing that next level of sonic perfection. Distilling decades of experience with the finest analog and digital hardware, we refused to rest until we crafted a singular mastering chain that inspired us to stay in the box and keep our classic gear turned off.

Triaz achieves this with three distinct modules. A detailed four-band Mid/Side EQ, a punchy analog inspired bus compressor and a powerful maximizer featuring multi-mode saturation, characterful noise layering, an OTT style multi-band exciter, a dynamic modern limiter and a transparent hard clipper fined tuned for drums. Whether your goal is to transparently hit -10 LUFS or to smash your drum bus with the nostalgic feel of a thrift store cassette, Triaz offers all the tools you need to easily and effectively master your drums.


Export your drums with unrivalled flexibility. Whether you want stereo drum loops for your next writing session, unmastered stems you can send to a mix engineer or MIDI patterns to weave through a modular synth, Triaz gets your drums to the next destination in their creative journey with ease.

Effortlessly integrate Triaz into your creative workflow by dragging and dropping audio or MIDI directly into your DAW.  MIDI export includes detailed pitch and modulation data for Motion Sequencing, enabling you to continue refining and editing your sequence within your DAW.

Deep Dive

Powerful sound browser

Explore Triaz’s extensive sample collection with the powerful integrated Sound Browser. Efficiently browse, filter and search 15,000 beautifully designed drums, or effortlessly import your own.

A smart tagging system lets you filter and find the exact drum sound and aesthetic you are seeking.

Easily mark sounds as a favorites for convenient future access, use the preview mode to preview sounds before loading them, and browse official Wave Alchemy Triaz Sound Expansions (coming soon…).

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Sort & import your own drums

Triaz simplifies the process of discovering and organizing sounds. Say goodbye to the tedious task of scrolling endlessly through folders of drums; instead, effortlessly import your samples with automatic tagging for drum types and sound characteristics. Type in the search field to efficiently filter your sample library and narrow down exactly what type of sound you’re looking for.

Seamlessly drag-and-drop samples onto any layer or mixer channel or import entire sample packs into Triaz’s Sound Browser with automatic categorization.

Whether you’re in search of a rare African world percussion sound or your next go-to kick drum, Triaz streamlines the discovery of samples, making it a breeze to pinpoint exactly what you need.

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15,000 groundbreaking drums

Triaz is the ultimate arcade for sonic explorers. Not your typical drum software with boring and cliché sounds, Triaz is made by a company that has been creating some of the most in demand samples over the last 15 years. We’ve been the secret ingredient behind some of the biggest names in music tech and Triaz is our greatest achievement to date.

With an eye watering 15,000 meticulously crafted samples, you’ll find everything from modern electronic beats, vintage drum machines, found sound, vibey acoustic drums, and intricate world percussion. With a healthy dose of experimental sounds, a sprinkle of analog magic and a solid collection of everything else – chords, vocal chops and much more.

Listen to the presets

Take a listen to Triaz’s 700+ included presets spanning 18 musical genres. Each preset has been recorded directly from Triaz’s master output, with no external effects, mixing or mastering applied.

Any musical elements heard in the demos are part of the presets themselves and programmed within the plugin.

All the included presets are ready to be tweaked, intelligently randomized at a click of a button, and exported as stems, full mixes and MIDI.

Drum & Bass
Hip Hop
Tech House
Top Loops
Synth Pop


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1.01 Update Features

Preset Examples



In the press

What people are saying…

“TRIAZ really is a cracker of a drum machine: finding, shaping and sequencing sounds is all easy and the results sound fantastic. It’s what I’ve always wished NI’s Battery could be…”

Sound On Sound Magazine

“Triaz takes everything I love about various drum machines and sequencers and combines it all into one easy to use plugin. The sound design features are so versatile and truly set Triaz apart from any piece of hardware I’ve ever used…”

Chris LaRocca

Credits: Bryson Tiller, Kali Uchis, Summer Walker

“This thing is amazing! I’m really loving the new update and the fact that it now works as its own plug-in. The instrument feels snappy and easier to use than ever; highlights for me are the extensive drum library, updated effects and in depth sequencer…”

Rik Simpson

Credits: Coldplay, Jay-Z

“Triaz is the perfect tool for any producer looking for something different when it comes to drum programming. I love how easy it is to browse the hundreds of presets, or to create your own. This one is definitely going in my toolkit!”


Credits: Drake, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj


  • 15,000 meticulously crafted drum samples covering a huge range of styles

  • 700+ production-ready presets spanning 18 modern genres. Preview beats on the fly, build your own playlists, randomize, and more

  • Effortlessly Import & organize your own samples with automatic categorization

  • Instantly generate brand new beats and kits with a single click using Triaz’s intelligent Drum Randomizer

  • Create entirely new drum sounds effortlessly using Triaz’s unique, visual approach to drum layering

  • Create ever-evolving beats using intuitive visual polyrhythmic sequencing with independent playback rate, swing, and step-length per lane. Go further with pitch, probabilistic chance, repeats, and note offset, per step

  • Creatively sequence and modulate parameters in sync with your beat using Triaz’s innovative motion sequencer

  • Export your beats with unrivalled flexibility. Effortless drag and drop audio stems, full mixes or MIDI directly into your DAW for further tweaking

  • Introduce organic movement and humanized timing to your beats with sequencer humanization

  • Get creative with multi-mode filters, envelopes, distortion, LFO’s, modulation, reverse, random panning, start position, and more. All available per layer

  • Use slop to add humanization to each drum hit by subtly randomising volume, tuning, start position and filter cutoff

  • Powerful channel FX include a visual tilt EQ, punchy mastering-grade compressor and a creative channel strip featuring a transient shaper, OTT maximiser, stereo widener, analog modelled saturation and an emulation of the iconic SP-1200 sampler’s tuning, bit-crushing and sample rate reduction circuitry

  • Professionally master your drums with exceptional clarity and loudness. Triaz’s master FX features a four-band mid/side EQ, an analog inspired bus compressor and a powerful maximizer featuring multi-mode saturation, characterful noise layering, an OTT style multi-band exciter, a dynamic modern limiter and a transparent hard clipper fined tuned for drums

  • Play any sound over a 2-octave range of pitch to create musical percussive rhythms, pitched tom fills or anything in-between

  • Record into Triaz’s sequencer in real time using a metronome and choose whether to quantize or keep the nuances of an unquantized performance

  • A creative effects suite features a lush algorithmic reverb, an analogue-style delay, and a convolution reverb boasting 350 impulses captured from some of the best hardware reverbs and acoustic spaces in existence

  • Easy to use multi-output support with customizable routing and mapping

  • Dedicated visual Mixer with individual volume control, pan, and effects sends for each channel

  • Save / load / swap entire drum channels whilst keeping your sequence intact

  • Host automate any selected parameter

  • Resizable high-definition UI

  • Undo and Redo parameter changes

  • VST / AU / AAX Plugin for macOS & Windows

  • Apple Silicon native for VST3, AU and AAX on macOS


Q. What makes Triaz different than other drum plugins?

Triaz is the first plugin that takes care of every element of drum production in a single place. From the sample selection, sound design, layering, sequencing, mixing and mastering all in a quick and intuitive way. Other drum plugins typically focus on 1-2 of elements of drum production but Triaz is the only one that gives you everything without needing something else. It also includes over 700 mix ready presets in popular genres and 15,000 samples that are unlocked and can be easily used anywhere else you love to use samples!


Q. How do I import my own samples into Triaz?

There are several ways to use your own samples within Triaz. Directly load sounds into Drum Channels / Layers from your computer / DAW via file browser or drag-and-drop. or import entire sample packs directly into Triaz’s Sound Browser.


Loading samples onto Drum Channels / Layers

Simply drag-and-drop sounds from your DAW or computer to the Sample Waveform area on any Drum Channel to load it into the selected Layer.

Alternatively, click the Sample Waveform area or File Browser icon in the Sample Navigation Header to launch your operating system’s browser and load your own samples from disk directly into the currently selected Layer.

You can also drag-and-drop sounds from your DAW or computer to the icons at the top of any Mixer Channel to load sounds into Layer A of the respective Drum Channel. When dragging any sounds onto the interface you will see clear visual feedback showing you where you can drop them to load them.


Importing Sample Packs into the Sound Browser

Entire 3rd Party and User Sample Packs can easily be added to Triaz’s Sound Browser by dragging your Sample Pack folders into the “Triaz / User Samples Folder on your Hard Drive. This folder can be found at the location you chose when installing the Triaz Content.

Imported Sample Packs will show up in the User Samples section of the Sound Browser on the left.

The Refresh icon next to the Search Field above can be pressed to Refresh and update the Browser after adding User Samples.

Triaz will automatically organize and tag the imported Sample Packs using the first 2 Folder Levels of the Sample Packs’ Folder Structure. This means the Drum and Tag buttons on the Drum Tag column to the right will populate with these folder names automatically. You can also use this structure to perfectly tag your own samples for use within Triaz’s Browser.

  • Platforms supported: Mac OS and Windows
  • Plugin formats: VST3, AU, AAX
  • Native support for Apple Silicon chips
  • Native support for AAX on Apple Silicon