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Used by artists ranging from Dua Lipa and Björk to Chris Lake and Nine Inch Nails, our Instruments deliver endless inspiration for creative minds.

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From the most authentic vintage drum machine emulations in existence, to creative bass, brass, modern drums and beyond, our Instrument Bundle will take your productions to the next level.

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Vintage Drum Machines

Get the true sound of 14 iconic drum machines, with the sound of tape, lofi samplers and the most sought after studio hardware. Go from pure analog to punchy and polished mix ready beats dripping with character.

Revolution is a living and breathing instrument. Just like hardware drum machines you can change the analog character and tone in real time without ever repeating the same sound twice.

Modulate the analog pitch and snap of an 808 snare drum or experience the lo-fi tuning of a classic 80s digital kick in a single instrument. Whether you want to create a hybrid 909 / Linndrum or load up your 14 favourite analog snare drums and automate the sound in real time, Revolution makes it possible.

Ground-breaking Bass

BASSYNTH is a hybrid instrument that combines detailed multi-samples with wavetable synthesis for powerful organic, sub rattling and highly unique bass sounds.

Whether you want to combine analogue and digital oscillators with creatively processed upright and electric bass guitars or layer dirty 808s with cinematic brass and freely modulatable wavetables, BASSYNTH lets you easily define creatively powerful low-end in your track like you’ve never heard before…

Modern Drums

Take your drums to the next level with our award-winning TRIAZ and Drumvolution instruments.

Intuitively blend multiple drums with TRIAZ’s layering engine and XY Pad for instant results.

Sequence, randomize and loop with expressive Polyrhythmic Sequencers and parameter locks.

Powered by a diverse and creative library of modern electronic and acoustic drums and sound design tools; Comprising over 30,000 samples and 1,000+ instantly playable presets.

What’s Included?

£119 Value


Elevate your music with Triaz, an innovative drum engine designed for unparalleled beat creation…

Discover Triaz
£99.95 Value


A hybrid Bass Engine delivering modern, organic, ground-breaking bass sounds…

Discover Bassynth
£99.95 Value


Recreate every nuance of 14 iconic vintage drum machines… 

Discover Revolution
£99.95 Value


Drum programming evolved…

Discover Drumvolution






in the Press

What people are saying about our Instruments…

“TRIAZ really is a cracker of a drum machine: finding, shaping and sequencing sounds is all easy and the results sound fantastic. It’s what I’ve always wished NI’s Battery could be…”

Sound On Sound Magazine

“The superb TRIAZ library is a triumph. It’s by far the most sophisticated Wave Alchemy instrument to date…”

MusicTech Magazine

“This thing is amazing! I’m really loving the new update and the fact that it now works as its own plug-in. The instrument feels snappy and easier to use than ever; highlights for me are the extensive drum library, updated effects and in depth sequencer…”

Rik Simpson

Credits: Coldplay, Jay-Z

“Wonderfully rich, dense and production-ready sound. The sounds are consistently excellent with a broad range of familiar and exotic-sounding patches…”

MusicTech Magazine

“BASSYNTH is an absolute monster. Supremely powerful Bass instrument. Sounds amazing…”


“I spent a lot of time comparing Revolution’s kits to several other libraries and these have the edge in terms of low-end solidity and natural smooth presence. As recreations these are the most convincing…”

Sound on Sound

“All your favourite drum machines in one place…This thing sounds fat and huge, the raw samples are pristine. The clever sound design tools take it to the next level for me!”

Rik Simpson

Grammy Winning Producer

“If you like classic electronic drums, then this is the ultimate sampled drum instrument that captures the originals perfectly, while offering plenty of options to create new and interesting kits…”

MusicTech Magazine

“Triaz takes everything I love about various drum machines and sequencers and combines it all into one easy to use plugin. The sound design features are so versatile and truly set Triaz apart from any piece of hardware I’ve ever used…”

Chris LaRocca

Credits: Bryson Tiller, Kali Uchis, Summer Walker

“Triaz is the perfect tool for any producer looking for something different when it comes to drum programming. I love how easy it is to browse the hundreds of presets, or to create your own. This one is definitely going in my toolkit!”


Credits: Drake, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj