Reverb Bundle

Save £87 with our Reverb bundle

Save £87 (40% Off) on our Reverb Plugin Bundle. Get the legendary sound of the RMX16, EMT 250, PCM 60 and EMT 140 Plate Reverbs.

4 Legendary Reverbs

From lofi digital reverbs to luscious analogue plates, our Reverb Plugin Bundle delivers the most authentic sounding vintage reverb emulations to date.

Perfectly recreate the unmistakable sound of four legendary reverbs or explore new sonic territories with our advanced modern sound shaping parameters.

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Illuminate your Music

Illuminate your music with Glow, a plugin inspired by the most iconic reverb of the 80s, and quite possibly of all time!

When you think of punchy gated drums, lush ambient synths, and the ethereal, atmospheric vocals of the 1980’s – you’re thinking about the RMX16. A truly wonderful reverb heard on countless hit records.

Brought back to life and taken even further with advanced DSP and modern workflow enhancements, Glow instantly transports you to the 80s.

Plate Reverb Revived

Instantly add vibrance to your music with Radiance, our stunning Plate Reverb plugin.

Faithfully capturing the sound of 7 vintage EMT-140 plates, Radiance brings this iconic sound into the present day by combining advanced DSP and sound shaping with detailed modelling.

From dark and moody, to beautifully vibrant and airy, Radiance’s 7 plate models cover a wide sonic spectrum.

Take the iconic 140 plate sound to new dimensions with rich modulation, ducking, mid / side EQ, gating, dual-band stereo width, transient shaping, reverb character modes and much more…

The Dawn of Digital

The heavenly sound of the world’s first digital Reverb, painstakingly modelled and enhanced for modern music production.

Originally released in 1976 with an impressive $20,000 price tag, the EMT 250 set the landscape for reverb as we know it today.

Dawn faithfully captures the lush sound of this classic unit and takes things much further with modern sound shaping controls.

Instantly add three-dimensional space to your music and go between punchy tight drums, ethereal vocals, realistic acoustic spaces, lush halls and blissful synths.

Classic Character

In 1984 an entry level digital reverb was released that would go on to have a profound impact on modern music. Finding a home in nearly every high-end studio over the past 30 years, the PCM-60 has become synonymous with gritty punchy 80s reverb.

Pulse delivers the soul and character of this iconic hardware reverb and brings it into the 21st century with advanced DSP and modern workflow enhancements.

A lush sounding beauty heard on countless records…

What’s Included?

£59 Value


The iconic RMX16 reverb from the 80’s, reborn…

Discover Glow
£59 Value


The legendary sound of mechanical plate reverb…

Discover Radiance
£49 Value


The heavenly sound of the world’s first digital reverb…

Discover Dawn
£49 Value


A stunning recreation of the characterful PCM-60 digital reverb from the 80’s…

Discover Pulse


Go above and beyond the original hardware with  Radiance and Dawn’s powerful advanced pages.

Three unique character modes allow you to change the reverb tail characteristics. Keep your reverb crystal clear using the Clean mode, add subtle warmth using the Vintage mode, or enjoy tasteful sonic destruction with the Gritty mode – an emulation of the iconic SP-1200 circuitry.

Sculpt your reverb further using the powerful 4-band Mid /Side EQ, shape the stereo field with creative Width controls and create nostalgia with the advanced gate.

100s of Presets

Explore near endless sonic possibilities with hundreds of creative presets. Whether you’re looking for that classic plate sound with just the right touch of high-end sparkle or an otherworldly creative ambience, we’ve got you covered.



RMR on Glow

Karra Vocals


Dom Sigalas on Glow


In the Press

What people are saying…

“Having used the original RMX 16 since the late 1980s, Glow completely nails the sound and character of the original. My RMX 16 hardware is now gathering dust. Thanks Wave Alchemy!”

Stephan G (customer review)

“The plates in Radiance sound gorgeous and wide, especially the Classic and Dark modes. It has replaced my other plate reverb plugins in my current projects…”

Markus s (customer review)

“I have been waiting for a PCM 60 reverb emulation for years (It was my first hardware reverb!). Pulse sounds lush and every bit as good as my hardware. Kudos guys for making this!”

Niklas B (customer review)

“As with many early digital reverbs, the AMS RMX16 sounds somewhat coarse and crude, but it is precisely that gritty character that creates its sonic signature. Glow’s gated drum sounds really nail that ’80s vibe, while the other spaces work magic on vocals and synth parts…”

Sound on Sound Magazine


Reverb FX Page
  • Recreate the iconic sound of the RMX16, EMT 140, EMT 250 and PCM 60 reverbs
  • Enhanced Modern mode for an extended frequency range and vibrant tone
  • Introduce movement and modulation using Flux and Ensemble
  • Take things further with advanced DSP for gating, ducking and transient smoothing
  • Add depth and space with dual-band stereo width controls (Radiance & Dawn only)
  • Enhanced mono mode with phase coherent and summing options
  • Go from crystal clean to gritty with Reverb Character modes (Radiance & Dawn only)
  • 4 band Output EQ with mid / side functionality (Radiance & Dawn only)
  • Internal preset browser with searching, tags and favourites
  • Hundreds of beautifully designed, production-ready presets
  • Random preset shuffling for instant inspiration
  • Mix Lock and pre-delay tempo sync controls
  • Resizable high-definition UI
  • Undo and Redo parameter changes
  • Available as VST3, AU and AAX on macOS and Windows
  • Apple Silicon native for VST3, AU and AAX on macOS
  • Platforms supported: Mac OS and Windows
  • Plugin formats: VST3, AU, AAX
  • Native support for Apple Silicon chips (M1 & M2)
  • Native support for AAX on M1

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