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Level up your Live Racks with our award-winning, feature-rich Ableton Live Packs. Featuring custom drum racks, macros and full Push 2 integration.

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Power up your Ableton Push and Drum Racks workflow with this outstanding collection of drums designed specifically for Ableton Live. From authentic analogue drum machine emulations to modern layered drums, and highly unique synthetic drums. This bundle will keep you inspired and discovering new sounds for years with over 80,000 samples and hundreds of Drum Rack modules.

What’s Included?

£49.95 Value

Drum Tools 02

The definitive drum sample library for electronic music production, Drum Tools 02 delivers over 4,000 ground-breaking electronic drum samples and percussive hits…

Discover Drum Tools 02
£54.95 Value

Synth Drums

Ten Vintage synths expertly programmed to create a ground-breaking drum hit library. Includes over 5900 characterful analogue drum sounds…

Discover Synth Drums
£32.95 Value

SYS-100 Drums

From the creators of our award-winning Synth Drums collection comes a ground-breaking new drum library…

Discover SYS-100 Drums
£59.95 Value

Revolution for Live

14 iconic drum machines for Ableton Live…

Discover Revolution for Live
£59.95 Value

Drumvolution for Live

A deeply integrated Live Pack version of our award-winning Drumvolution Drum Machine…

Discover Drumvolution for Live
£24.95 Value

Tuned Tape Drums

Classic drum machines, with a twist… 8,000 characterful tape drum samples from a jaw-dropping line-up of iconic drum machines and layered sound sources…

Discover Tuned Tape Drums
£22.95 Value

Tape Snares & Layers

A lively and articulately designed collection of ‘characterful’ snare drum samples and creative layering tools…

Discover Tape Snares & Layers
  • Includes 7 inspiring Ableton Live Packs
  • Full Ableton Live & Push 2 integration
  • Custom Ableton Drum Rack Macros and sound shaping parameters
  • Over 15GB of creative content
  • Over 80,000 sounds