Semi-Modular Drums, Reimagined

From the creators of our award-winning Synth Drums collection comes a ground-breaking new drum library…

Introducing SYS-100 Drums

SYS-100 Drums delivers 1,584 beautifully designed, never heard before analogue drum samples; each intuitively crafted and layered from the ground up using an iconic, all time classic semi-modular synth that marked the very start of Japan’s Vintage Synth Era.

Our goal with SYS-100 Drums was to design and create a completely new, original collection of drum sounds that spark creativity, and in true Wave Alchemy style – punch hard and sound full of character…

Forward-thinking Sound Design

Each drum sound in the collection has been built from scratch by compositing up to 14 unique, individually synthesized layers. Each created in series, one at a time, beautifully designed to mesh perfectly into specific frequency bands within every drum sound.

The results? Unique sounds that wouldn’t be possible without these new techniques, including full-spectrum constant-fundamental kicks, luscious cymbals and dynamic snares. SYS-100 Drums delivers an incredibly thick, rich sound with a wide frequency spectrum and true stereo image.

A love for Character

For extra character and tonal variation, each individual sound has been processed individually on a sound-by-sound basis using an impressive collection of high-end outboard gear and processing chains.

We’ve designed this library to be as flexible as possible: as well as the extensive processed section, the unprocessed source samples are also included as they were originally recorded and composited – free from additional processing, giving you a more malleable sound. A third section includes all samples bounced through ¼ inch analogue tape, and a fourth section includes all samples recorded to 12-inch Vinyl, recorded via a classic Neumann VMS 70 vinyl mastering lathe.

Ableton Live Integration

As well as the included 1,584 drum samples (in 24-bit WAV format), SYS-100 Drums also boasts a feature-rich, custom built Ableton Live Pack (for Live 9 and above)…

  • Easily mix and match any drum sound using our extensive Drum Rack environment
  • Creatively effect, modulate, filter, saturate or twist any sound using well thought-out macro controls and effects sends
  • Simulate the random behaviour and subtle differences in sound inherent of analogue equipment using our unique Round Robin Simulator
  • Deep Push and Push 2 integration. Control everything directly from your Push / Push 2 controller


What’s Included?

Processed Drums

  • 1,584 processed drum and percussive hits in true stereo (with the exception of mono kicks). Every drum enhanced individually on a sound-by- sound basis using our extensive collection of high-end hardware processors and sound shaping tools
  • 60 beautifully designed kick drums – Full spectrum kicks with constant fundamental pitch, a first in any analogue sample library, allowing kicks to be better tuned to your mix. A selection of super short kicks, delivering maximum punch while leaving space in the mix for other elements
  • 84 snare drums & claps – All beautifully crafted and unique, including dynamically layered sounds covering a wide range of styles
  • 48 cymbals & open hats – Created using unique hybrid synthesis techniques from analogue layers. Rich open hi-hats, metallic rides, huge stacked crashes, other-worldly chimes and much more
  • 48 abstract perc & hand drums – Creative abstract percussion, hand drums, tribal-like hits, synthetic bongos, congas and more
  • 60 hats & shakers – Wide shakers, stacked closed hats and everything in between
  • 48 blocks, cows & noise – Esoteric blocks, bells, small percussion, powerful analogue noise hits from the synth’s pink and white noise generators, lush cowbells and various stacked creative percussion sounds
  • 24 toms – Unique, full-bodied analogue toms covering deep, synthetic, punchy and organic
  • 24 atmospheres – A collection of analogue drones, sweeps, abstract textures, lush sound beds and more

Tape & Vinyl Drums

  • Identical in folder structure to the processed drum section, the Tape and Vinyl folders include a selection of samples bounced through Vinyl and ¼ inch Analogue Tape for added character, tone, warmth and punch!
  • 396 24-bit ‘Tape processed’ drum and percussive hits
  • 396 24-bit ‘Vinyl processed’ drum and percussive hits

Raw Drums

  • 396 24-bit unprocessed drum and percussive hits
  • Identical in folder structure to the processed drum section, the unprocessed section includes all of the raw unprocessed source samples as they were originally recorded and composited, without enhancement
  • Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering Edition
  • Ampex ATR-102 Analogue Tape Machine
  • Overstayer Saturator NT-02A
  • Overstayer M-A-S
  • Studer A80 Analogue Tape Machine
  • Vintage Neumann VMS 70 vinyl mastering lathe
  • Manley Massive Passive
  • Universal Audio 1176
  • Overstayer M-A-S
  • ADR Compex
  • Neve 1073 EQ
  • API 5500
  • API 550b
  • API 527 & 525
  • API 512C
  • API 2500
  • Pultec EQ
  • Elysia Karacter
  • Elysia Xpressor 500
  • Elysia Nvelope
  • Eventide H8000
  • A-Designs EMPEQ
  • SSL E Series EQs & Compressors
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • Empirical Labs Fatso
  • Oto Machines Biscuit
  • Schippmann Ebbe und Flut
  • Spectra Sonics 610
  • Valley People 610

SYS-100 Drums contains a number of ready-to-play drum kits, conveniently mapped to the following software sampler formats:

  • Battery 3 – 38 kits
  • Halion – 38 kits
  • Kontakt – 38 kits
  • NN-XT – 38 kits
  • SFZ – 38 kits
  • Logic EXS-24 – 38 kits