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Bass Pedals Released!

After many months of detailed multi-sampling, creative sound design and extensive scripting work we are extremely proud to announce the release of Bass Pedals - a huge sounding analogue hybrid synthesizer for Kontakt 4 inspired by the legendary Moog Taurus Mk1 vintage synthesizer.

Bass Pedals by Wave Alchemy ships with a 4.5GB library of expertly recorded multi-samples which power an additional 69 synthesizer presets, all of which are editable via our extensively scripted K4 instrument panel and …

Piano and Music Theory Part 07

Last week in Piano and Music Theory Part 06 we started to look at intervals which if you remember describe the relationship between different keys on the Piano/keyboard. Essentially intervals are measurements between notes/keys. So for example the distance between the C key and the E key (ascending) is known as a Major third. Similarly the distance between the C key and the G key (again ascending) is known as a perfect 5th! If you play all of these together you get a C Major triad chord …

Piano and Music Theory Part 06

Last week in Piano and Music Theory Part 05 we introduced the eerie Whole Tone scale which if you remember has notes which are spaced equally apart by 1 whole tone (whole step). So a Whole Tone scale starting on C contains 6 keys (C, D, E, F#, G#, A#) making it a 'hexatonic' scale.

Initial encounters with the Whole Tone scale while practicing the piano can be discouraging …

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Drum Tools 02






Revolution for Live


Drumvolution for Live


"A very creative pack of finely crafted drum sounds... This is a must-have library of percussion & drums from top notch sources that could become platform to almost any genre of electronic music!"

Complete Drums Bundle

Axel Karakasis - DJ and Producer