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Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we donít do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

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Blog » March 2012

Understanding Compression

30th March 2012  |  6 comments

Compression, a powerful yet often misunderstood process is 'typically' used to automatically adjust the volume of an audio recording to help obtain a regulated or 'more consistent' dynamic range.

When it comes to (post) controlling the dynamics of an audio signal it's fair to say that the compressor is one of (if not the) most powerful tools an engineer can have at their disposal. Although simple in theory, compression is a technique that … Read More »

Sampling Drum Machines

16th March 2012  |  15 comments

Having spent a seemingly endless amount of time sampling a varied selection of drum machines for our Drum Machine Collection we thought it would be interesting (and exciting!) to share both our personal experiences of drum machine sampling as well as a selection of the tips and tricks used here at Wave Alchemy to obtain our … Read More »

Installing Wave Alchemy Live Packs

2nd March 2012  |  8 comments

Have you ever had trouble installing Ableton Live Packs in the past?

At first installing Wave Alchemy Live Packs can seem confusing and convoluted in practice. However with a bit of care and attention you can seamlessly integrate our Live Packs into your Live library so that all samples, loops, presets and instrument racks contained within are accessible to all of your live projects.

One of the first things to be aware of before installing Live Packs is … Read More »

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