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What people are saying about our instruments and sounds

“I have been waiting for a PCM 60 reverb emulation for years (It was my first hardware reverb!). Pulse sounds lush and every bit as good as my hardware. Kudos guys for making this!”

Niklas B (customer review)

“The plates in Radiance sound gorgeous and wide, especially the Classic and Dark modes. It has replaced my other plate reverb plugins in my current projects…”

Markus s (customer review)

“Having used the original RMX 16 since the late 1980s, Glow completely nails the sound and character of the original. My RMX 16 hardware is now gathering dust. Thanks Wave Alchemy!”

Stephan G (customer review)

“As with many early digital reverbs, the AMS RMX16 sounds somewhat coarse and crude, but it is precisely that gritty character that creates its sonic signature. Glow’s gated drum sounds really nail that ’80s vibe, while the other spaces work magic on vocals and synth parts…”

Sound on Sound Magazine

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