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A world-class library of club-ready sounds that's packed with inventive production and creative programming! 9/10.

MT (Music Tech Magazine)

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Tech House & Minimal

Future Music Mag Review - Tech House and Minimal

FM (Future Music Magazine) - 30/03/2011

When a new Wave Alchemy sample collection arrives in the FM inbox we expect big things. This 125-130bpm collection is one of the company's most versatile yet, with a slick, professional sound that is restrained enough to fit into a variety of House and Techno production styles...

The 930MB of content includes a total of 1340 samples, from bass loops and drums to tempo-synced FX and multi-sampled analogue synth patches. The collection is available in all the major 24bit formats, along with sampler patches for Battery, Kontakt, NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ. With the release of Tech House and Minimal, the Wave Alchemy guys have delivered the goods yet again. Outstanding! 9/10

Music Tech Mag Review - Tech House and Minimal

MT (Music Tech Magazine) - 21/03/2011

Tech House & Minimal offers chunky house beats, basses, synths and percussion to inspire your latest tracks.

This collection carries off where Deep Tech & Progressive left off, with inventive, creative sounds and world-class production throughout. Once again, these are some of the best electronic club sounds available and can easily give an instant, club ready polish. By comparison to Deep Tech & Progressive, the drums are a bit more grooving and kick-drum heavy, the basses more throbbing and the synth loops more melodic. Having said that, there are still plenty of quirky sounds and rhythms demonstrating imaginative production and generous use of effects. It's a wonder that Wave Alchemy can still churn out so many new drum sounds, but there are 401 finely crafted drum and percussion hits spread across 10 instrument patches!

The main addition here are 23 playable multi-sampled synth sounds that have been created using a variety of analogue gear, including the Korg MS-20, Moog Voyager, Future Retro XS, Waldorf Pulse and more. Most of these are brighter and more aggressive than the pitch-bent minimal sub loops in the bass folder, but as they all drip with analogue warmth, they are a great addition to an already tasty package.


Another world-class library of club-ready sounds that's packed with inventive production and creative programming! 9/10

Waveformless Review - Tech House and Minimal

Tom Shear (Waveformless) - 25/01/2011

The drum loops in this collection are divided into tempo-based folders at 125, 127, and 130 BPM. If you're using the REX versions of these loops, this is less of a concern, as the loops are all sliced very well and translate over a broader range of tempos with very few artifacts. In addition to full drum loops, some "top only" loops without a kick drum are also available allowing you to customize the beats with your own kick parts. In addition to the drum-oriented loops, there's also a generous selection of bassline and synth part loops, allowing you to build full arrangements from the loops alone if that's your thing. As always, the melodic loops contain the key they are in as part of the file name, so finding compatible loops is quick and simple. The general style of the loops is very quirky and creative

As you might expect from a Wave Alchemy collection, the sound choice and production is outstanding. While the loops trend to the lighter end of the spectrum, the sounds are all extremely clear, present, and punchy as hell.

Understanding that you'll probably want to augment these loops with some programming of your own, Wave Alchemy has included over 400 one-hit drum samples. These are separated into folders marked Glitch & FX Perc, Hats, Kicks, Snares & Claps, and Synth Perc. The sound palette here is unmistakably electronic, mixing expertly compressed and EQed electronic kicks and snares with bloops, sweeps, and tweaks consistent with the collection's quirky mood. The sounds are an interesting combination of retro analog funkiness with unmistakably modern production - tight compression, near perfect EQ, and nice stereo separation where relevant.

I keep waiting for Wave Alchemy to screw up with a sample library. Not because I expect them to be incompetent, but because their collections are so scarily consistent in their excellence. Not every library may be to your stylistic preferences, but you can be assured that what's there is going to sound great right out of the box, so you can spend your time making music instead of trying to tweak sounds to perfection. Highly recommended! 10/10




Drum Tools 02




Complete Drums 2


Tape Snares & Layers


"Guys, this sample pack is fantastic. Seriously good work. It's without doubt a step above the rest. SO many sounds to use in here. Love it!"

Tech House & Minimal

Chris Lake - DJ and Producer