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Going Good
Revolution - Donny Walls
Howl - Donny Walls
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Heavy Hitters
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Revolution 808
Enzalla - Interstellar
It's a Revolution
Tone Operator - WARD
Six 0 Six
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Revolution - GilJ
Nobody Else
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Revolution - Amiel

If you like classic electronic drum sounds, then this is the ultimate sampled drum instrument that captures the originals perfectly, while offering plenty of options to create new and interesting kits... 9/10.

MT (Music Tech Magazine)

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Sound on Sound Review - Revolution

SOS (Sound On Sound Magazine) - 18/10/2019

The normal problem with sampling is that no matter how good your sound quality you’re only capturing a snapshot of an instrument in a single moment. So how you can recreate, say, an 808 kick when the original has Tone and Decay knobs? You could put two or three variations into the sampled kit; or a more sophisticated approach would be to sample at the maximum settings then use the sample player’s on?board envelopes and filters to try to emulate the original controls. However, this is only a rough approximation. Those 808 kick controls have their own specific characteristics, they interact, and there’s inherent analogue variation. Wave Alchemy’s solution to these problems is to sample the drum sources across a large range of different parameter settings, then recall the samples as needed based on the settings in Revolution. So as you adjust the Tone and Decay knobs on the RV808 kick module it feels like you’re smoothly adjusting the sound just like on the original. In fact your combination of settings is selecting from the array of possible samples. On top of this each sample was recorded multiple times, capturing the variations of the analogue circuitry even at the same settings, and these are played back in a round?robin fashion each time the sound is triggered. And on top of that, in the case of the 808 they did the whole thing twice using two different units that you can switch between.

The results sound great. I spent a lot of time on listening tests comparing Revolution’s vanilla kits to several other libraries and these have the edge in terms of low?end solidity and natural smooth presence. As recreations these are the most convincing I’ve heard, but the various processed versions accessed from the Character knob can take you down other sonic avenues.


Revolution uses a kind of ‘brute force’ sampling approach to break down and capture every nuance of a host of classic drum machines, then re-assembles them with masterful programming . Sonically it’s hard to fault. The level of control makes these true instruments rather than sampled kits, and the sequencer is excellent.

Revolution Wins Best Sotware Instrument of 2017 Award

MT (Music Tech Magazine) - 31/01/2018

Revolution has been named and awarded “The Best Software Instrument of 2017" by Music Tech Magazine.

"The beauty here lies in how well the analogue depth of the machines has been captured, and the variety..."

We are extremely honoured and flattered by this award, and you can read Music Tech's full write up here.

Music Tech Mag Review - Revolution

MT (Music Tech Magazine) - 16/03/2017

Whether you’re looking to work with clean sounds from the originals, or to create heavily processed beats, there are plenty of options here. The excellent GUI is well thought out, and with the addition of all the modifier keys, really pushes what Kontakt is capable of. You may wonder if you need more drum machine samples, but the beauty here lies in how well the analogue depth of the machines has been captured, and the variety on offer...

If you like classic electronic drum sounds, then this is the ultimate sampled drum instrument that captures the originals perfectly, while offering plenty of options to create new and interesting kits... 9 / 10

Revolution Video Review - Studio One Expert

Studio One Expert (Studio One Expert) - 06/03/2017

Studio One Expert Demos Revolution! Watch their in-depth video review below:

Attack Mag Review - Revolution

Attack Magazine (Attack Magazine) - 22/02/2017

Wave Alchemy have built an esteemed reputation over the years, consistently delivering top quality virtual instruments and outstanding sample libraries. Their ability to painstakingly recreate the sound of iconic drum machines, presented in well designed instruments, has been their speciality. Revolution is no exception, featuring 14 of the world’s most sought-after vintage drum machines, a suite of effects, a multi-track sequencer and more.

The drum machines are presented within a 14-voice mixer, allowing users to mix and match any combination in order to build their own modular setup. The names of the modules on offer give major clues as to the sources of the samples from various Roland, Linn, Oberheim, E-mu and Sequential Circuits units: RV-78, RV-8000, RV-808, RV-909, RV-606, RVDRUM, RVDX, RVULATOR, RVTRAKS, RVSP12, RV-707, RV-505 and RVBOY. And if the names aren’t a dead giveaway, the GUIs for each module will be.

The mixer features individual volume, pan, delay send, reverb send, solo and mute controls for each sound, but more importantly you can also click on the title button at the top of the mixer to edit or swap out the module. I instantly warmed to the idea of mixing and matching modules in this way, combining an 808 bass drum with 909 toms, a LinnDrum clap and 606 hi-hats. Hitting on an original idea in this oversaturated world of plugins is no easy feat, but I think Wave Alchemy have something unique with Revolution.

The editing controls on each module are impressive, most notably the Character knob. This differs depending on the module, but options include Analog, Digital, Tape, SP1200, Mastered and Biscuit, to name a few. Analog (and most of the others) creates a round robin signal path, with the samples constantly alternating, each hit slightly different from the last, just as you would experience using the hardware. Along with this, other character styles were created by tracking through various samplers, Studer tape machines, high-end boutique hardware and valve processors.

At the bottom of the Revolution interface you’ll find a Roland x0x-style step sequencer with rate control, transport, swing and chase controls. Programming patterns in this way is extremely fun and intuitive and offers that free-flowing, live jam approach to laying down classic drum machine grooves, usually stumbling upon happy accidents. Clicking on the SEQ button reveals the Global Sequencer page, where you can apply more precise and dynamic control to various aspects of your patterns. As well as copying, duplicating and clearing patterns, you can also change the sequence length and apply ‘slop’ for humanised playback – great for drum flams or stacked hits.

Rounding out the sound design options, you’ll also find a set of insert, send and master effects with a mixture of compression, wave shaping (tape emulation, bitcrushing and filter drive) and EQ options. The send effects features two syncable delays, while the two convolution reverbs offer 160 different impulse responses, taken with different mics and using different room sizes.

The attention to detail with Revolution is quite immense, from the round robin playback through to the impulses and the various sonic options; apparently two different 808s were sampled in order to offer a wider range of tones, while 20,000 samples were taken of the 909 bass drum alone. For me, Wave Alchemy have really delivered with a virtual instrument that captures the inherent behaviour of analogue equipment. The drum modules really do sound superb, and all the subtle nuances of these influential machines are present, from the sound to the visual design. There’s deep control offered in a way that’s simple, intuitive and a pleasure to work with. Revolution isn’t cheap, but this is a serious instrument.

If you’re a big fan of classic drum machines, but also enjoy adding your own flair when working with those sounds, then Revolution is a pretty much an essential purchase.

Read the full review here

ANR Review - Revolution

AudioNewsRoom (ANR) - 26/12/2016

The Ultimate Act Of Drum Machine Fetishism

For those producers in the know, bespoke, British sample tailers Wave Alchemy are considered to be amongst the very best. They have been dabbling for some time with the NI Kontakt platform as a way to deliver their excellent samples in the form of virtual instruments.

Revolution has an allure that is impossible to resist. It blends perfectly with the updated Kontakt GUI to create a sleek, post-modern blend of 80’s pulp consumerism and ultra high stakes nerd-math – 2017 style.

You see, it’s always a risk to revisit the past in the world of software. Especially when the past was done perfectly. But this is why you have to love Wave Alchemy... It begins with an aesthetic proclamation of respect towards the subject matter. Revolution is gorgeous. A simple yet heavily featured GUI that offers surprises and layers at every turn yet never confuses with over complexity. It doffs it’s hat to the gaudy logo’s, colorways and functions of fourteen, classic drum machines yet stands tall as a unique and exciting instrument unto itself.

What drum machines are on board?

I’ll keep it simple – here’s the list: 808, 909, 606, 707, 727, 505, CR-78, CR-8000, Linndrum, Drumtraks, Drumulator, OB-DX, SP-12. Boom. It doesn’t get much more vital that that.

These are the game-changing units and they’re all here. The 1000’s of samples that comprise this instrument were recorded in the usual Wave Alchemy fashion – through Neve and API preamps using ‘mastering grade’ converters in order to imbue them with a little of that extra analog magic.

When using deeply sampled drums within a fully-featured sampler like Kontakt you are able to really explore the nuances of an instrument. Revolution features full round-robin capability which ensures diversity in the sound by never repeating the same sample twice in a row. This makes for extreme realism.

So, what does it sound like?

Revolution is one of the few virtual instruments that actually lives up to its promise. Every sample-set is perfectly recorded and mixed and I honestly don’t think it would be possible to tell Revolution apart from the original boxes. But that’s not really the point.

The FX

Each of the fourteen separate drum lanes features four, individual sends, with DLY2 and RVB2 available by clicking on the name DLY1 and REV1 directly under the respective knobs.

With 160 carefully chosen reverb impulses recorded from classic gear so easily piped through to the mixer it’s incredibly easy to create the perfect ambience for your kit. I say carefully chosen because Wave Alchemy are using impulse responses that they recorded in studios and from classic verb units.

This means that you can maintain the level of realism throughout your effects chain by using gear that would normally be associated with the time period. My favorite here is the revered AMS RMX16 which sounds incredible. You can use it in non-linear mode for a really stylized, 80’s wetness (very savage indeed) or, in Ambience mode for just that. Either way the results are stunning, occasionally luring you into over-use.


This is one of the most functional and creative software drum machines we’ve ever reviewed here at ANR and it remains to be seen whether WA will embroider upon it in the future – perhaps adding extra drum machine expansions?

Revolution is a supremely usable and capable sound design tool and an absolute necessity for any serious music producer. These are the must have sounds of the 80's and 90's and this is the most efficient way I've seen to get them into your productions.

Read the full review here

AskAudio Mag Review - Revolution

AskAudio (AskAudio Mag) - 23/12/2016

Wave Alchemy has built their reputation on painstakingly sampled vintage instrument libraries presented in cleverly-designed bespoke Kontakt instruments. With Revolution, they’ve combined their previous drum machine libraries with a raft of new ones and delivered them in one of their most comprehensive instrument designs to date, featuring a robust sequencer and a host of potent effects. The result is possibly the most powerful virtual vintage drum instrument on the market

Machine Gallery

Revolution’s 8 GB sample library is comprised of 41,000 samples taken from 14 classic drum machines, slyly referred to as RV-808, RV-909, RV-606, RV-707, RV-727, RV-505, RV-78, RV-8000, RVSP-12, RvBOY, RvDX, RV-TRAKS, and RV-DRUM. If the titles aren’t a dead giveaway, a quick glance at the corresponding drum voice interface should provide any remaining hint needed to determine the source.

Recorded on a pristine signal chain, resampled through a number of character-inducing paths, and programmed with the option of round-robin alternating playback or direct digital reproduction, each drum voice can be set to up to ten different character modes before being tweaked further, instantly allowing a wide range of incarnations for each drum sound.

All this, of course, is presented in a 14-voice drum mixer, where each drum kit can be built from the ground up by mixing and matching from the different machines—808 kick with 505 hats, Linn Drum Snares, and 909 claps, for example. Each drum voice within the mixer has independent volume, panning, delay and reverb sends, along with mute and solo switches. A title button at the top of each drum track selects which drum voice is currently edited.

The actual per-voice editing goes impressively deep. The main drum voice editing area features character selection options such as Tape (with three levels of saturation), S1200, SP12, S950, Driven, or Crushed, to name a few. Retriggering, choke group assignment (with up to 16 choke groups available), and output routing is available here, as well as voice selection where applicable—say, mid tom rather than low tom, or rim instead of claps.

Each of the two reverb sends come with high- and low-pass filters along with size and pre-delay dials, and more importantly, can be selected from 160 included impulse responses; ranging from actual room recordings captured with different mics and processing to classic hardware reverb emulations, the attention to detail here is impressive, and the spatial results are far beyond what one would expect included in a drum machine. Finally, a master effects chain consisting of the same Shaper, EQ, and Compressors as the insert path can be activated and reordered to give your entire kit unique character, from subtle tape sizzle to nasty aggressive compression.

Sequencer Revolution

Along the very bottom of the Drum view GUI is a 16-step sequencer for the selected voice, with an A/B switch at right providing access to two pages for 32-steps in total, at global rates from 1/4 to 1/32 note; at time of writing, triplet timing was not available here.

Clicking the SEQ button at lower left toggles into a full-featured sequencer interface where you can program all 14 voices simultaneously. Each step is programmed by dragging vertically within its corresponding square to determine velocity, so dynamic sequences are a breeze. Global accent is available along the top, while positive or negative swing values can be set at bottom right, below the sequencer area. However, each step can have its own “slop” amount, nudged forward or backward for loosened grooves and flam flourishes; a global slop randomization slider at left nudges all steps forward and backwards by a random amount each pass for a truly off-kilter feel.

The Revolution Is Here

Available in Native Instrument’s free Kontakt Player—meaning it doesn’t require a full Kontakt license to operate—Revolution is just about as enticing a virtual drum instrument as one could imagine for those seeking classic drum sounds. The immense sample library itself is top-notch, with sound manipulation via the flexible built-in effects going above and beyond. Factor in the fun and full-featured sequencer along with Native Instruments’ NKS keyboard and Maschine integration, and you’d be hard pressed to argue for a better in-the-box vintage drum solution.

Read the full review here


Drum Tools 02






Revolution for Live


Drumvolution for Live


Revolution is now my go to for all of my drums. Perfect for on the road. The quality is amazing and you can tweak it deep. Love it!!”


NEW_ID - Axtone Records - DJ and Producer