Creative Kick Drums

Introducing 2KwoK (Two Keyboard’s worth of Kicks), a kick drum library built from an entirely different focus than most…

Not thousands of sounds, but two keyboard’s worth of characterful, highly usable kicks that easily turn into many more inside your mixes. The sounds are not made to instantly impress, but to be of ultimate usefulness in productions.

Many sounds for sale today are processed to within an inch of their life in order to sound instantly impressive to customers, often rendering them completely over compressed or eq’d and hence unwieldy, making you struggle to shoehorn them into your music. They basically need you to change your mix around them, as they are processed to sound like a ‘finished on a record’ kick.

The kicks in this pack are not like that. They are built to have an inspiring character, making it easy to get dynamic musical movement instantly, whilst still having plenty of ‘meat’ to cut and shape them effortlessly into your mixes without them either fighting you or falling apart in the process.

The kicks are style-less and can be used to great effect across the board for any number of electronic music genres such as House and Techno to Pop music, or for slipping them under live drum kits as reinforcement!

There are 128 core samples presented in three versions: one being the original as described version. Then as variations; a unique processed version, and versions that have been printed to an analogue Ampex tape machine.

What’s Included?

  • 128 ‘unprocessed’ kick drum samples, completely raw with lots of headroom

  • 146 ‘tape processed’ kick drum samples, recorded via a classic Ampex ATR-102 analogue tape machine

  • 110 ‘processed’ kick drum samples, enhanced using our extensive collection of high-end analogue outboard gear

  • 384 24-bit 100% royalty free kick drum samples