SP-DMX serves up 1,200 drum samples from the classic OB-DMX drum machine, sampled through a modified EMU SP-12 Turbo sampler with multiple analogue filter variations and SP-12 tuning settings.


The big brother of the iconic Oberheim DX drum machine from the 80’s, the DMX is a characterful, instantly recognisable sounding 8-bit eprom-based drum machine loaded with gritty acoustic drum samples and a warm analogue filter.

With firm links to the beginnings of House music, the DMX sound can be heard on countless classic and modern hit records.


We wanted to deliver a unique take on the classic DMX sound – A collection both versatile and dripping with character. For this we turned to our EMU SP-12 sampler.

Our SP-12 has been modified to give full control over the in-built analogue filters (they sound amazing on drums!), and so we set about carefully sampling each of the DMX’s drum sounds directly into the SP-12.

We recorded eight SP-12 tuning settings and nine SP-12 analogue filter variations (going from fully open to closed) for every sound, totalling 1,200 characterful, unique drum samples.


Every drum sound has been recorded with 8 unique pitches, tuned directly on the SP-12 itself for the characterful sound this unit is famous for.


We recorded 9 unique SP-12 analogue filter variations of each drum, delivering everything from clean and bright to incredibly warm and punchy.


For even more warmth, before hitting the converters, the drums were passed from the SP-12 through an analogue Pultec EQ and subtle tube saturation.

What’s Included?

  • 1,224 24-bit drum samples, carefully edited by hand

  • 8 EMU SP-12 tuning / pitch variations per drum

  • 9 EMU SP-12 analogue filter variations per drum

  • 72 bass drums

  • 72 claps

  • 144 high toms

  • 144 mid toms

  • 144 low toms

  • 144 closed hi-hats

  • 72 open hi-hats

  • 71 crash cymbals

  • 71 ride cymbals

  • 72 rimshots

  • 71 snare drums

  • 144 shakers & tambs