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The sound quality and character on offer are stunning - each sound is flawlessly engineered with the perfect weight to them, and will provide a rock solid foundation to your track with very little additional processing required!

James (Bass Music Blog)

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Drum Tools 01 Deluxe

Sound On Sound Review - Drum Tools 01

Tom Flint (Sound On Sound) - 25/01/2011

As indicated by the word 'Drum Tools', the collection contains the basic building blocks needed for producing Minimal Techno and Tech House, the onus being on the musician to use them in the right way. Indeed, there are no editable 'sound banks'. nor are there any loops or grooves. There are, however, kit patches formatted for all the major software samplers and dithered 16-bit versions of the 24-bit WAV files to cater for hardware samplers and memory-precious setups.

Some libraries inexplicably divide their content across an unfathomable system of folders - Wave Alchemy, on the other hand, have done the right thing and organised their 1950 samples into a logically conceived set of folders, which can be navigated in a matter of seconds.

In general, the samples are clean and punchy, having been recorded using some truly top-end analogue processors. The editing, apparently done by hand, ensures that the attack of each sample comes in straight away, so layering multiple sounds works well and there is no particular need to trim samples further.

Creating samples can be fun, but it's sometimes better to let experts do the work. That is precisely the point of this very well-conceived product. 4/5

Computer Music Mag Review - Drum Tools 01

CM (Computer Music Magazine) - 27/08/2010

This is Wave Alchemy's first Drum Tools sample pack, with over 700 MB of raw drum samples (all in 24 and 16-bit format). Inevitably, given its size, this set covers more than just the genres listed, and with 472 kick drums, 251 snares and a host of other drum samples (glitch, crash, claps, hats, percussion and effects), the 1950 samples offer immense choice...

This sample set sounds brilliant and serves as a fresh, up-to-date library for those making electronic music! 10/10

Music Tech Mag Review - Drum Tools 01

MT (Music Tech Magazine) - 04/07/2010

It can sometimes feel depressing when you test your track on a club system for the first time. The kick drum that seemed to be doing the business in your home studio loses its low end and sounds more like a builder tying to knock through from next door. Precision production is a necessity if you want to rock the clubs!

Luckily, the good people at Wave Alchemy are drum scientists of the highest order and their new samples library, Drum Tools 01, is a massive collection of handcrafted minimal drum hits designed to get both the speakers and the dance floor moving...

The immense number of samples has been thoughtfully divided into descriptive folders for drum type (e.g. deep minimal kicks, punchy kicks, solid kicks etc).

A large amount of vintage and modern kit has been used to create and sculpt the many synth stabs, glitch ripples, noise effects, and kick, snare and hats hits.

Wave Alchemy has crafted an immense library of both solid and original drum sounds that are relevant for all styles of electronic music, not just minimal.


An immense collection of finely crafted electronic drum samples 9/10

Future Music Mag Review - Drum Tools 01

FM (Future Music Magazine) - 19/06/2010

This impressive release from Wave Alchemy contains just under 2,000 individual drum hits in 24-bit WAV format, along with sampler patches in the most common formats, including Battery, Kontakt, ESX24 and Halion.

Although it's clear that the sounds were designed with Minimal Techno and Tech House in mind, the samples are versatile enough to fit into any production style.

It's clear that the Wave Alchemy guys have put some serious effort into the creation of Drum Tools 01 and as a result it comes highly recommended for producers of all electronic genres! 9/10

Bass Music Blog Review - Drum Tools 01

James (Bass Music Blog) - 31/05/2010

Rather than sampling records or using the same soft synths that everyone rinses, the guys at Wave Alchemy build their sounds from the ground up using high end hardware. The list of equipment used should be enough to get any self-respecting production geek drooling - Jomox XBase 999, Elektron Machinedrum, ARP Odyssey, Thermionic Culture Vulture, SSL EQs and Compressors, API 512c Preamps, and (lots) more...

Initial impressions are that the collection positively drips with class and inspires creativity; when I was flipping through the previews in Live I often had to stop myself from loading sounds into a sampler and laying down some patterns. The sounds don't fall into the common trap of being overcooked with freaky fx to make them interesting, instead the focus is on subtle character and rich tone. They have that indefinable quality (fatness, warmth, whatever) that comes from a good source processed well and recorded with a high end preamp - the difference in quality is noticeable when compared to similar collections.

The sound quality and character on offer are stunning - each sound is flawlessly engineered with the perfect bass weight to them, and will provide a rock solid foundation to your track with very little additional processing required.

Overall, this is probably one of the best sample collections I have come across in recent months; although billed as a Minimal and Tech House set, you will easily be able to use the samples in any sort of electronic music such is their quality. Highly recommended!

Waveformless Blog Review - Drum Tools 01

Tom Shear (Waveformless Blog) - 05/03/2010

If you're familiar with Wave Alchemy's products, I probably don't have to bother telling you how great these sound. The kicks have plenty of oomph and the perfect amount of low end, the snares smack and crack in the mix, the cymbals sizzle and cut through, and the percussion, glitch, and heavily processed sounds all sparkle with originality and can add lots of interest to an otherwise ho-hum drum track.

There really are very few other companies who do electronic drum sounds as well as Wave Alchemy. Many sample developers brag about their studio full of expensive kit, but few show that they truly know how to use it to its fullest as well as these guys. 10/10

Rekkerd Blog Review - Drum Tools 01

Ronnie (Rekkerd Blog) - 02/03/2010

The beauty of sample libraries like this is that they feature sampled material from a unique combination of analog sound sources processed with high end outboard gear, so Drum Tools still sounds very different from everything else I already have.

Wave Alchemy shows attention to detail by creating a clear folder structure; main folders like claps, kicks, snare drums, etc, and sub-folders within most main folders to help you find the exact drum samples you are looking for.

The Drum Tools 01 library is subtitled 'Minimal Techno & Tech House', but of course these drum samples are well suitable for any electronic music genre. The sample quality is of the same high standard I have come to expect from Wave Alchemy - superbly recorded, processed and edited...

I think it's the bees knees!




Drum Tools 02




Complete Drums 2


Tape Snares & Layers


"My goodness!! There are some mightily crisp and clear sounds in this pack, particularly loving the single shots... Excellent work!"

Drum Tools 01 Deluxe

Dom Kane - DJ and Producer