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Welcome to BASSYNTH
Particle Suspense
Eight Zero
Distant Pizz
Dirty Detune
The Ocho
Cine Synth
Burial Growl
Produced Upright
For Your Love
Undulating Beast
Gritty DX
Gliding Fret
Brain Step
Bentley Boom
Emotive FM
Dark Glider
Swell Sub
Fear The Horns
Late At Night
Neuro Warp
Arp Mystery
Ruff Stuff
Hells Horn
Power Step
Chunky Bob
Dark Organ
Dystopia Sub
Mallet Boom
VCF Boom
Chordial Bunker
Hybrid Glide
Hybrid Drill
Underground FM
Drunk Veena
Morphine Sub
Blended Epic
Fluxial Guitar
Brass Damage
Wobble Suck
Beating Bliss
Cinema Thump
Angry Reese
Anti Junk
Boom n Glide
Brass Power
Bass Pedal
Acid Trip
Carnage Amp
Brass Stacked
Bap Boom
0200 Hours
Culture Acid
Crunch Sucker
Army Of Mute
Brassy Charge
Aggy Dub
Canada 40

BASSYNTH is an absolute monster. Supremely powerful Bass instrument. Sounds amazing...

Hollin Jones (Ask Audio)

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Music Tech Mag Review - BASSYNTH

MT (Music Tech Magazine) - 23/10/2019

Wave Alchemy has been somewhat quiet over the last year, but with the release of Bassynth, it’s easy to see why. Its previous releases have championed sampling classic and futuristic electronic drums sounds with an obsessive attention to detail and for this new release, the team has gone deeper than ever, with over 11GB of samples captured from a huge range of synthesised, live and organic sources. The result is a highly flexible, four-layer instrument ready to fulfill all of your bass needs, from dirty wavetable growls and cinematic brass swells to lively double bass plucks – potentially all at the same time!

Deep Impact

There’s so much scope here for sound design that we could easily see this covering most of our bass needs, no matter the genre. It’s easy to get excellent, modern-sounding results, whether you’re after a resonant grime throb, distorted rock-bass lick, or a dissonant percussive tech pluck.

Bassynth works on several levels; If you want a collection of superb presets and simple performance controls then the Perform page can satisfy, or if you want to craft your own sounds using a mind-boggling collecting of sources and plenty of parameters then you can go in deep. The sounds are consistently excellent with a broad range of familiar and exotic-sounding patches that cover most genres of modern and classic electronic music, also including cinematic sound design and processed live bass

The result of having such a large amount of control, multiple layers and plenty of effects is that the final result offers up a wonderfully rich, dense and production-ready sound. Many of the presets show this off to good effect, providing powerful and usable pro sounds without resulting to unnecessary flashiness, making this a highly versatile bass tool.

Do I really need this?

It’s highly likely that you’ll have at least a couple of go-to synths or sample instruments that cover your bass needs. It’s unlikely though, that you have even a fraction of the hardware that has been deeply sampled in Bassynth’s 800 sources and wavetables. Each sound has been lovingly captured and processed, and the ability to layer different types of live, Foley and effects sound sources means the results are extremely rich and high quality. It’s not especially cheap, but there’s enough depth and variety here to keep you coming back for a long time, and there are some useful additional features that add subtle variations to make the instrument feel more organic and alive.

9/10 Music Tech Choice Award

Read the full review here

Ask.Audio Review - BASSYNTH

Hollin Jones (Ask Audio) - 30/08/2019

Sonically, BASSYNTH is an absolute monster. The wide range of bass sources that have been sampled cover all kinds of eventualities from gritty old skool analog through sub basses, authentic sounding bass guitars, brass section and more. But the real pleasure lies in mixing and layering these using the 4 voices and especially the XY pad system. You’ll have endless fun morphing between voices and seeing what weird and wonderful results come from blending filthy synths with bleeps, noise and bass guitars.

Dive further into the other sections and you’ll find an incredible depth of editing and tweaking possibilities, enough to satisfy the most ardent sound designer. Every aspect of each voice is editable, and the modulation and macro systems make it possible to get into great detail with editing and shaping each sound. The modular effects system also adds a whole new layer of depth and sound sculpting to the proceedings.


Supremely powerful bass sampled / synth instrument. Sounds amazing. Near-infinite sound creation possibilities. Quickly perform and shape sounds. Delve deeper for much more in-depth sound editing. Random function helps you quickly dial in new sounds. Powerful mod and macro sections.

Read the full review here


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