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Blended Snares Demo
Slapper Snares Demo
Fluffer Snares Demo
Sucker Snares Demo

These are gritty, grungy, and full of character. The different versions of the sounds combine smoothly and easily, expanding the number of sounds you can create...

Tom Shear (Waveformless)

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Paperskins Snare Toolkit

Attack Mag Review - Paperskins Snare Toolkit

Attack Mag (Attack Magazine) - 30/05/2014

Perennially overlooked in sample purveyors’ offerings, the snare is all too often an afterthought to the sexier, more marketable kick drum library. Which means there’s a niche. Into which WA serve up this library of 634 24-bit snare samples.

First up, this isn't any old snare library. It’s ‘paper’ snares. Which sounds like a recipe for a very short drum session until you realise that the paper doesn't relate to either the skin or the snare body, but – apparently – the sound of the samples.

Each of the three folders contains 211 one-shot Wav samples – the same 211 raw sounds in each, albeit treated in different ways.

So the ‘slappers’ focus on the front end of the snare – more transient sounds with flighty attacks – the ‘slap’ if you will.

The Fluffers folder, meanwhile, is all about the middle of the sound – longer samples, ones with body and girth.

The samples veer from the essential to the esoteric, from the conventional to the leftfield, but all are beautifully recorded and processed – and all with a flair for creative processing.

There are enough interesting sounds here to last even the greediest producer months. But it’s when you start layering that things get interesting. Try putting a fluffer with a slapper. Or mounting a slapper with a sucker or… you get the idea.

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Waveformless Blog Review - Paperskins Snare Toolkit

Tom Shear (Waveformless) - 10/05/2014

These are gritty, grungy, and full of character. The different versions of the sounds combine smoothly and easily, potentially expanding the number of sounds you can create. Of course you can layer them with your own snare samples or other third party libraries to provide body or snap...

Overall, Paperskins is a lot of fun to mess around with. There is a decent amount of interesting sounds, and the analog processing definitely gives these sounds an edgy grit I really liked. If you're looking for a quick and inexpensive way to add some attitude to your snare tracks, you should give it a listen

Read the full review here



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Drumvolution for Live


Revolution for Live




"It doesn't matter what type of music you produce, this is a must have in any producers arsenal. Beautifully produced snares!"

Paperskins Snare Toolkit

Chase Buch - DJ and Producer