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The sound and production quality is superb. Everything is clear, it punches where it's supposed to punch, and it sizzles where it's supposed to sizzle! 10/10.

Tom Shear (Waveformless)

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Syncussion Drums

Music Tech Mag Review - Syncussion Drums

MT (Music Tech Magazine) - 01/09/2011

Despite the seemingly infinite popularity of Roland's 808 and 909 drum machines, many producers are starting to look further afield for more obscure analogue drum sounds to give their tracks a little more edge. Master of the electronic drum hit, Wave Alchemy, has taken this onboard, and it’s latest samples library is a collection of 1,885 24-bit drum hits that have been created using a rare Pearl Syncussion SY1.

The raw drum sounds on their own are good, but the Wave Alchemy team has taken things much further with the inclusion of additional processed kicks, layered kicks, round-robin hits with subtle differences, hat and percussion sounds given the lo-fi treatment via an EMU SP12 sampler. On top of that you get an alternative set of the whole lot sent through a Studer A80 MK1 tape machine. These extra processed samples have been subtly saturated through analogue tape to give them a slightly thicker sound, and although some may find the differences hard to hear, they offer up more choice when selecting hits for your track.

This is an excellent value pack that has a surprising amount of variety given that it all comes from one machine. If you are writing any form of electronic music and are tired of the same old drum sounds, this library is definitely worth a look.


Raw and punchy electronic drum sounds with a surprising amount of variety and plenty of subtle variations in processing! 9/10

Waveformless Review - Syncussion Drums

Tom Shear (Waveformless) - 12/04/2011

Wave Alchemy's Syncussion Drums consists of nearly 1,900 24-bit one-shot samples sourced from the Pearl SY1. There is a good selection of cleanly recorded sounds, but for me, the processed sounds - run through high-end compressors, an E-mu SP-12, a Studer tape machine, and the like - is the most interesting section. There's some really aggressively processed stuff here and there is a beautiful grit and weight to these...

The library comes with 63 pre-mapped kits that arrange the samples in a logical way for all the major software sampler formats. The types of sounds are surprisingly varied, considering the age of this machine. There are classic analog sounding drums, clangy FM cymbals, gritty, hard snares, rumbling subs, Kraftwerkian bleeps & bloops, cheesy FX - a very nice spread of different types of sounds. Some of the really hard, compressed kicks and snares are going to appeal to French House enthusiasts and electro-heads on the harder end of the spectrum. The best thing about the sound of the SY1 is that it wasn't really trying to sound like anybody else. It has a very unique sound that can take you beyond the wonderful, but overused Roland TR samples and add a more unique edge to your productions.

The sound and production quality is superb. Everything is clear, it punches where it's supposed to punch, and it sizzles where it's supposed to sizzle. I think dance producers looking for a different sound will especially appreciate this collection, but at such a cheap price, there's really no reason for anyone not to just get it! 10/10

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Revolution for Live


Drumvolution for Live


"This is a really unique sounding pack that is full of useful hits, clicks and bleeps! The samples are beautifully recorded and many are ready to use straight out the box with no further processing needed..."

Syncussion Drums

Untold - DJ and Producer