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The Soundcloud Bible

Posted on 23rd July 2015  · 
Recently we were contacted by Budi Voogt, co-founder of Heroic Records and author of The Soundcloud Bible. After spending some time immersing ourselves in his writings and the sounds on his label we wanted to take this opportunity to recommend him to you!

He knows his stuff when it comes to marketing and releasing your music so what better way to tap into his expert knowledge than to ask him a few questions;

1. Hi Budi! In your post Things I Wish I Knew about the music business you mention that 'content is king' and highlight the importance of having your music stand out either by being significantly different and surprising, or supremely great.

With that in mind, when you are searching for new artists for your label Heroic Recordings, What's the difference that makes the difference between music you think is great and music that is superb?

We look for artists that have an exceptional brand and sound - something that stands out, that is not just qualitatively strong but also is pushing boundaries or sporting a certain aesthetic. In our experience the artists that do best are the ones that have developed a signature sound that is uniquely theirs, who combine that with a visual style that seamlessly blend together. The visuals need to reinforce the message of the music and vice versa.

Most industry professionals and labels look for this, as well as for the hype that comes with successfully creating a unique product - something that fans can associate themselves with and feel for.

2. In your experience what do you think is the single most important quality, skill or behaviour an artist must have to succeed today in the music industry?

A combination of vision and grit. For an artist to know exactly, specifically, what they want to achieve, in terms of sound, style, branding, association with which artists, labels, brands - and to them have the grit and discipline to realize that vision through consistent work. Many successful artists only catch the attention when they have their hit, or are already at their peak, but what is often overlooked is the amount of preparation and hard work that goes into reaching that level. They often say 10.000 hours of work is the equivalent of mastery in a specific craft - which may be true - but I believe this number can be reduced if the vision is good and all effort is spent strategically.

3. If the perfect artist walked through your door tomorrow morning with absolutely everything! The whole package, including the qualities, skills and behaviours needed to succeed in the music business what would they be like?

Humble. Eager to work. Excited to push boundaries. Able to say 'no' and to disagree with people. Have a strong opinion and idea of direction. Surrounded by supportive people that help them thrive. Living healthily. Grounded. Always learning. Constantly experimenting, failing and succeeding.

4. What are the most effective methods you use for finding new artists and music?

Recommendations of people whose opinions we trust. And SoundCloud.

5. Your book The Soundcloud Bible, now in its second edition looks fantastic and we can't wait to get our hands on a copy... Can you tell us a bit more about it and why our readers should go and check it out?

SoundCloud has been the cornerstone to the growth of our label and our artists. The label has grown to over 33.000 followers over the course of a year and a half, with our artists thriving equally. We started working with San Holo less than a year ago and brought him from 4.000 followers to over 150.000 - with SoundCloud being an integral part of our marketing strategy.

The SoundCloud Bible is a guide for both novice and expert users of the platform. You can pick it up and learn about all the functionality of the platform, as well as learn insider tips and strategies that are unknown to many veteran users. Also it goes far beyond just SoundCloud, detailing the strategies and trends that we use to leverage the internet to get exposure for our music, score label deals and get blog exposure.

For more info about The Soundcloud Bible and to get your hands on your copy click here




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