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Piano and Music Theory Part 05

Last week in Piano and Music Theory Part 04 we looked at 3 different minor scales; the natural minor, harmonic minor and the melodic minor. If you remember I said we would recap the mysterious melodic minor...

As we discovered the melodic minor uses a different tonal pattern depending on whether you are ascending or descending the scale. The example below shows a C melodic minor scale (ascending) with its flattened 3rd key. …

Piano and Music Theory Part 04

Last week in Piano and Music Theory Part 03 we discovered that by flattening (lowering the pitch by a semitone) the third, sixth and seventh notes of any Major scale we can create a minor scale. To test this out simply take the C Major scale and follow the above rule and you will soon find C 'natural' minor.

During your piano practice try alternating between playing different Major and minor scales and you will instinctively find 'modulations' that sound great to your ears.…

Piano and Music Theory Part 03

Last week in Piano and Music Theory 02 I shared with you some controversial ideas about the 'talent myth' and the 'power of practice' which I have found to be great motivators for attainment of my own goals. I hope these ideas inspired you in some way and helped you to 'put in the hours' with your own piano practice.

Hopefully some of you will be well on your way to playing the C Major scale forwards and backwards with both hands separately and …

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Drum Tools 02






Revolution for Live


Drumvolution for Live


"The Jomox samples are high quality and recorded through the best analogue hardware... More on the electronic side of things, it will work well in any types of music."

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Fred Everything - DJ and Producer