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Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we don’t do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

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SFX Collection 01 – Dance and Transition Sound Effects

SFX Collection 01

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Wave Alchemy’s award-winning SFX Collection 01 sample pack offers over 1.5GB of 24-bit 100% royalty free dance sound effects wav samples and transition sounds created using the very finest of vintage and new age electronic equipment.

“A very classy collection of sound effects that are suited perfectly for electronic dance music, I see myself using them a lot in future productions!" Wolfgang Gartner

All of the samples and transition sounds in SFX Collection 01 have been crafted from the ground up with many being enhanced by classic studio effects processors. The sheer volume, quality and diversity of sound effects included make this sample library an essential addition to any producer’s sound arsenal.

What's included in the Sample Library?

  • Textures - Ethereal beds, disturbing ambience & sublime pad FX
  • Impacts - Reverb-washed collisions & thunderous drops
  • Stabs & Acid Hits - Rustic stabs, chords & minimal synth effects sounds
  • Sweeps & Drones - Distorted tones, drones, luscious sweeps and short transition FX samples
  • Short FX & Hits - Over 250 short FX & processed hits
  • Cymbal FX - A unique collection of processed crash cymbal sound effects
  • Downlifters - Noise drops, synth swirls, downward transitions, essential intros and progressive sweeps
  • Uplifters - pitched rises, affected noise & up-rising tones

“A must have for every dance music producer” Chris Lake

“I'm amazed by the complexity and quality of these SFX" Laidback Luke

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Digital Download

782 wav sound effects samples, 32 cymbal sfx, 97 downlifters, 80 impacts, 266 short sfx & hits. 75 stabs & acid hits, 111 sweeps & drones, 32 textures, 89 uplifters, 9 ready to play sampler patches optimized for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and SFZ

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Uplifters Only icon


Uplifters Only

Purchase just the Uplifters from SFX Collection 01 - Includes 89 intense risers, tension builders & sfx up-sweeps. 322MB download

Downlifters Only icon


Downlifters Only

Purchase just the Downlifters from SFX Collection 01 - Includes 97 Noise drops, synth swirls and downward transition fx. 274MB download

Impacts / Cymbals Only icon


Impacts / Cymbals Only

Purchase just the Impacts & Cymbals from SFX Collection 01 - Includes 112 slams, collisions & cymbal fx. 230MB download

Transitions / FX Only icon


Transitions / FX Only

Purchase just the Short FX & Transitions from SFX Collection 01 - Includes 266 transitional elements, spot fx and creative one-shot sounds. 308MB download

Textures / Stabs Only icon


Textures / Stabs Only

Purchase just the Textures & Stabs from SFX Collection 01 - Includes 107 stab effects, chords, Ethereal beds and disturbing ambience. 288MB download

Sweeps / Drones Only icon


Sweeps / Drones Only

Purchase just the Sweeps & Drones from SFX Collection 01 - Includes 111 Distorted tones, luscious sweeps and short transition FX. 153MB download

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Music Tech Mag Review - SFX Collection 01

By: MT (Music Tech Magazine) - 17/09/2009

When it comes to 'doing what it says on the tin', its hard to fault SFX Collection 01 – it is, after all, the first in a new series of collections of sound effects samples. The sample library features 1.5GB of 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV audio, with a total of 782 individual sound effects samples divided into folders of textures, Impacts, Stabs and Acid Hits, Sweeps & Drones, Short FX & Hits, Cymbal FX, Downlifters and Uplifters, plus sampler patches for EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, NN-XT and SFZ.

The sound effects range from simple noise sweeps, echoed kick drums and in-your-face hits to more complicated LFO filter workouts and deeper reverbed pads, making this pack relevant to both jump-up and progressive dance styles.

Each sound has been crafted using the finest selection of both vintage and new-age electronic equipment – including the Moog Voyager, Waldorf Microwave, TB-303, Sherman Filterbank and Eventide H3000 to name a few – and the quality is consistently excellent!

Although the majority of the SFX are quite brash – and therefore probably better suited to club music than to most film score work – the Textures folder does contain a superb array of evolving pads and atmospheres that would make a good underscore.

All told, then, this is a great-value sample library for any club music producer who wants to add an extra sparkle to their track. It could also find a home in a multimedia or film composer’s arsenal. There’s also enough variety to make it useful for most modern music genres, plus a good mix of simple and more detailed sounds.

An extensive collection of world-class, club ready sound effects samples!

Rating 9/10

Future Music Mag Review - SFX Collection 01

By: Chris Barker (Future Music Magazine) - 03/09/2009

Wave Alchemy are a young company but they've already put out a couple of really impressive sample libraries including Funky House Grooves 2 from the excellent Sample Magic sample series.

This collection of individual hits, sound effects samples, stabs, sweeps and textures maintains the high standard we've come to expect. Everything's in .WAV format and there are sampler patches for all the major software samplers (EXS24, HALion, NI Kontakt, SFZ and Reason NN-XT) so you can get going quickly.

Overall it's a great SFX package suitable for producing a wide range of dance music and even working into other genres

Rating 9/10

Computer Music Mag Review - SFX Collection 01

By: CM (Computer Music Magazine) - 01/09/2009

A 1.5GB selection of sound effects, stabs, drones, textures and pads, SFX Collection 01 is a polished affair. There are plenty of ear-catching sound effects samples that are ideal for dance music production, where big, dynamic sounds are required. A superb collection and great value

Rating 9/10

Waveformless Blog Review - SFX Collection 01

By: Tom Shear (Waveformless Blog) - 14/07/2009

At the heart of it, dance music is all about the manipulation of energy. Effective dance tracks use different musical techniques to tease the listener with various builds and breakdowns, slowly upping the ante until the pedal hits the metal and the energy levels peak and much booty-shaking ensues. Learning to transition between these various energy levels takes time and skill, and these days, it usually involves some clever sound design as well. Much like a crash cymbal can act like the 'tape' joining two musical sections smoothly, in dance music rising synth tones, a gigantic sub drop, white noise sweeps, robotic time stretches, and the like can serve much the same function. They're great for lending a sense of atmosphere to stripped down breakdowns and drops, too. The problem is, however, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with new ideas for these creative musical sound effects, and even if you have an idea, what if you don't have the equipment or skill to make it sound as slick and professional? Have no fear, Wave Alchemy has your back.

Wave Alchemy SFX Collection 01 is a 1.5 GB sample library consisting of sweeps, swishes, impacts, stabs, textures, and transitional sound effects samples specially tailored for use in dance music production. All sound effects are sorted into categories such as Cymbal SFX, Downlifters, Impacts, Short SFX & Hits, Stabs & Acid Hits, Sweeps & Drones, Textures, and Uplifters. These are arranged into 9 ready-to-play sampler instruments for Kontakt, EXS-24, NNXT, and SFZ with a different sample on each key. This is great for auditioning different sounds quickly while you're working on an arrangement which otherwise can be a bit of a laborious process.

Various high tech tools were used in creating the sound effects including the Eventide H3000 and the Sheman Filterbank, and it really shows. As with previous Wave Alchemy releases, the sound quality is unrivaled. There is a presence and clarity to these sounds that all but clobbers you over the head with how professional they sound. Obviously, you need to have a good track to begin with, but it is easy to hear how judicious use of these samples could definitely take your productions to that elusive next level. This isn't one of those collections where you get dozens of slight tweaks on a single ho-hum sound. There's plenty of variety and there are really no clunkers to be found, so it shouldn't take you long to find the perfect element to add to that remix you're working on. Just in that time-saving aspect alone, this is worth a look for professionals on a deadline who might not have an extra couple hours to muck around with convoluted chains of plug-ins trying to come up with something truly stunning to make that breakdown gel.

I'm not going to bother trying to describe the sounds themselves, as that can be difficult to transfer into words effectively, but it's safe to say that Wave Alchemy has covered all the bases for just about any type of musical SFX the average dance musician might need. The unexpected additions like the stabs and acid sounds are really nice too and the quality and attention to detail on even these minor sounds is stellar. Even the most minor sounds still have a really IMPRESSIVE quality to them, and nothing seems like a phoned-in, lazy sound just to fill out the library. If you create dance music or remixes of any kind, you should consider this an essential purchase. And if Wave Alchemy continues to keep the standards as high in the future releases, they're a company you ought to be keeping your eye on.

Rating 10/10

Altsounds Review - SFX Collection 01

By: Luigi (Altsounds) - 12/07/2009

The field of Digital Sounditry (I just made that up) has come far in the last couple of decades. I still remember the fun my friends and I had with my 32-key Casio SK-1 Digital Sampler back in grade school. The 8 bit bundle of joy would hold a whopping 1.4 seconds of sampling, and it was extremely difficult at times to get the timing right in order to fart directly into the tiny microphone (grade school, remember?), just so we could hear what the intro to Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” sounded like comprised of nothing but flatulence.

Let’s forgo the further embarrassing moments in Luigi’s past and jump ahead a bit. As a novice (and part-time) musician (and, by “musician,” I mean “I mix bastard pop / mash-up / bootlegs, and occasionally write my own compositions that nobody ever hears”), I have spent more than a few good dollars on several different sound libraries. A few of these “libraries” resulted in me discovering an interesting sound or two, but they were all a waste of money for the most part (although some did sound suspiciously like a kid farted into a Casio SK-1).

Fortunately, the folks at Wave Alchemy seem to take their business a bit more seriously than their no-name (not to mention nameless) competitors, and the SFX Collection 01 even manages to include a little pride with each purchase. The relatively new sound design company Wave Alchemy has been making a splash on both sides of the Pond lately with their collections of loops and samples, one of which -- SFX Collection 01 -- has already earned itself an award.

Rightfully so, too

Assembled with dance music in mind (although I’m sure just about anyone can make use of this assortment of sounds), SFX Collection 01 features over 1.5GB of 24bit sound samples, all of which are royalty free and were manufactured with modern and vintage equipment alike -- from antiquities like the ARP Odyssey and Roland Juno, to the to the Sherman Filterbank and the Prophet 08 (you have no idea how relieved I was to learn that the Casio SK-1 was not amongst the machinery used in developing this set). Styles included in the set are Textures, Impacts, Stabs & Acid Hits, Sweeps & Drones, Short FX & Hits, Cymbal FX, Downlifters, and Uplifters.

What's Included In The Sample Library?

  • Textures - Ethereal beds, disturbing ambience & sublime pad FX
  • Impacts - Reverb-washed collisions & thunderous drops
  • Stabs & Acid Hits - Rustic stabs, chords & minimal synth effects
  • Sweeps & Drones - Distorted tones, drones, luscious sweeps and short transitional effects
  • Short FX & Hits - Over 250 short FX & processed hits
  • Cymbal FX - A unique collection of processed crash cymbal sound effects
  • Downlifters - Noise drops, synth swirls, downward transitions, essential intros and progressive sweeps
  • Uplifters - pitched rises, affected noise & up-rising tones

Tech Specs

  • 32 Cymbal Fx
  • 97 Downlifters
  • 80 Impacts
  • 266 Short Fx and Hits
  • 75 Stabs and Acid Hits
  • 111 Sweeps and Drones
  • 32 Textures
  • 89 Uplifters
  • 9 Ready to play Patches for Soft Samplers, Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and SFZ formats

Overall the Wave Alchemy SFX Colletion 01 is an excellent collection of samples that would be suited for most types of music but would excel in club music and potentially for film scoring

Rating 9/10

Rekkerd Review - SFX Collection 01

By: Ronnie (Rekkerd Blog) - 02/07/2009

Wave Alchemy recently released SFX Collection 01, a sample library featuring over 1.5 GB of sound effects samples. After reading some of the comments on this release I figured I’d give it a spin.

What do you get?

In short, SFX Collection 01 offers over 1.5 GB of 24-bit sound effects sounds, created using the “finest of vintage and new age electronic equipment” (check the kit list on the product page for details). Wave Alchemy divided the effects into 8 categories - cymbal SFX, downlifters, impacts, short FX& hits, stabs & acid hits, sweeps & drones, textures, and uplifters.

Although I think these categories have some overlap - e.g. impacts could also be in the short FX & hits folder, up and downlifters also have sweeps etc. - it is nice they didn’t chuck everything in one big folder like I probably would have done (it’s all sweeps, wobbles, blips & blobs isn’t it?). You also get a bunch of instrument patches (EXS24, Kontakt, sfz, HALion, and NN-XT) so you’re ready to start using these effects in your sampler right away.

So What do I think?

The sound effects in this sample library are simply fantastic; high quality and great variation in sounds. I enjoyed the short sfx the most. Big bass hits, retro arcade bleeps, distorted feedback, etc. Lots of unique sound effects in here. One thing though. Many samples have been heavily processed, e.g. with the lovely Sherman Filterbank, Eventide H3000, TC Electronic M3000 etc. This makes these samples sound great on their own, but some of the big reverb and delay effects might not always work so well in your productions.

The sounds were apparently created with dance music in mind, so the ones with a delay effect probably work best around 120-130 bpm (I did a quick check on some of the samples and it seems this is the general bpm range used).

IDJ Magazine Review - SFX Collection 01

By: IDJ (IDJ Magazine) - 01/07/2009

Wave Alchemy's third release is available as a download only, but thats a good thing as it will save you some hard-earned cash

SFX Collection 01 offers over 1.5GB of 24-bit royalty free sound effects samples, crafted from the ground up and divided into convenient folders for instant recongnition. Each sound has been created using both vintage and up to the minute electronic instruments with pieces of kit including an Eventide H3000 and Sherman Filterbank.

There is a true diversity of the included material, which would make an essential addition to any producer's sound arsenal. This collection provides an excellent toolkit for music and sound design in a film or multimedia context as well as dance music producers.

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