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Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we don’t do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

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Paperskins Snare Toolkit

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Paperskins Snare Toolkit

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Wave Alchemy are proud to announce Paperskins Snare Toolkit, a hand crafted and articulately designed collection of 'filthy' snare drum samples and layering tools!

Paperskins serves up 211 individual snare drum sounds; each of these samples being conveniently provided in three distinctively different 'sound/shape' and tonal variations, perfect for layering and crafting new snare drums…

All sounds have been processed through a high-class, all analogue signal chain, with lots of extra vibe added through the use and abuse of an Akai S1000 sampler, often recorded to at a hot level and driven by ears rather than meters - this has imparted a unique sounding ‘papery’ sizzle to the sounds…hence the name “Paperskins”

What’s included in the collection?

  • 633 24-bit, 100% royalty free snare drum samples!
  • Slappers – 211 Punchy, tight and transient rich snare drum variations - uniquely processed and specifically tone-shaped to enhance the 'slap' of the sound.
  • Fluffers – 211 Loose, papery and powerful sounding snare drum variations - individually processed and specifically treated to enhance the 'body' of the sound.
  • Suckers – 211 Reversed snare drums which have been individually processed and envelope-shaped – great for layering either underneath or slightly before the Slappers and/or Fluffers to provide complexity or additional ‘suck’.

Be aware that these are not your typical ‘clean’ or ‘pretty’ sounding snare drum samples - Paperskins is a unique sounding, raw and downright filthy (quality filth!) beast of a collection with plenty of analogue vibe! Expect to find a versatile selection of chunky, energetic and gritty snare drums, expressively layered acoustic hits and everything in between…

Although the snares work great as individual sounds, the library is designed as a toolkit and we therefore encourage the use of layering and experimentation. Try layering ‘Slappers’ together with ‘Fluffers’ to create new and unique snares, mixing in as much or little ‘slap’ or ‘fluff’ as you desire.

Tip: we have enjoyed great results subtly layering sounds from this collection with ‘cleaner’ sounding snare drums (Drum Tools 01 for example) – adding that bit of extra dirt and energy that is often needed!

Audio Demo Breakdown:

  • Demo 1 (Blended Snares) - This demo showcases how the different snare components (slappers/fluffers/suckers) can be blended together to create new and interesting sounds
  • Demo 2 - This demo showcases a selection of 'Slapper' snare components
  • Demo 3 - This demo showcases a selection of 'Fluffer' snare components
  • Demo 4 - This demo showcases a selection of 'Sucker' snare components
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633 24-bit, 100% royalty free snare drum samples.

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