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Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we don’t do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

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Loop Tools and Grooves

Loop Tools and Grooves

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The art of programming drums with computers can all too often lead to ‘machine tight’ drums which can be less than inspiring to listen to. Today it is all about injecting your beats with character and movement, allowing your productions to breathe...

Introducing Loop Tools and Grooves - a huge selection of over 700 carefully produced and expertly processed ‘kick free’ top loops, tribal percussion, drum fills and builds, layering tools, vocal cuts and acoustic percussion ensembles specifically designed to add movement and character to your productions.

Loop Tools and Grooves combines cutting edge layering and sound design techniques with creative outboard processing to give you a set of highly effective and useful groove assist tools for dance music production.

What's included in the collection?

  • 680MB of sample content (1.7GB inc additional formats)
  • 725 24-bit, 100% royalty free wav loops & samples
  • WAV, REX 2 and Apple Loops formats included
  • 175 top loops – creatively programmed kick free add-on loops including noise-infused grooves, organic tops and tech house rhythms
  • 112 tribal percussion loops – intricately layered percussion ensembles, dirty tribal house jams and afro-tinged loops
  • 118 acoustic percussion loops – a varied collection of pristinely recorded raw percussion loops including stereo conga rhythms, djembe licks, bongos, layered percussion jams, and much more…
  • 103 experimental electronic loops – inspirational and extremely characterful add-on loops including uniquely designed glitch loops, analogue blips and quirky electronic percussion
  • 85 groove assist and layering tools – creatively layered and heavily processed field recordings specifically designed to enhance existing loops or add movement to your groove. Expect to find dusty vinyl-tinged rhythms, twisted vocals, tempo-synced organic ambience and experimental percussion layers
  • 69 vocal loops/cuts – warped vocals, twisted vocal cuts and creative glitch phrases, all tempo-synced and produced to perfection
  • 63 drum fills/builds – an inspiring collection of finely crafted drum fills... expect to find crusty vinyl-infused drum breaks, live percussive fills, obscure and carefully layered electronic builds and downright filthy drops!
  • All loops have been recorded at a tempo of 126 BPM

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Digital Download

1.7GB download, 725 WAV samples & loops, 725 apple loops, 725 REX2 files

Live Pack icon


Live Pack

1.7GB Live Ready Pack, 725 WAV samples & loops, 725 apple loops, 725 REX2 files included

Additional Purchase Options
Top Loops Only icon


Top Loops Only

175 kick-free top loops in WAV, REX 2 and Apple Loops formats

Tribal Percussion Loops Only icon


Tribal Percussion Loops Only

112 layered percussion loops in WAV, REX 2 and Apple Loops formats

Acoustic Perc Loops Only icon


Acoustic Perc Loops Only

118 raw percussion loops in WAV, REX 2 and Apple Loops formats

Experimental Loops Only icon


Experimental Loops Only

103 experimental electronic loops in WAV, REX 2 and Apple Loops formats

Groove Assist Loops Only icon


Groove Assist Loops Only

85 groove assist and layering tools in WAV, REX 2 and Apple Loops formats

Vocal Loops/ Fills Only icon


Vocal Loops/ Fills Only

69 vocal loops, 63 drum fills and builds in WAV, REX 2 and Apple Loops formats

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