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Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we donít do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

100% Royalty Free

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Licence Agreement

All Rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. The sound samples on wave alchemy sample compact discs and sound packs are licenced, not sold, to you to be reproduced within your original musical compositions only.

All copying, lending, duplicating, re-selling or trading of our products or product contents is strictly prohibited. Only the original purchaser of our products has the right to embody and reproduce the enclosed sound samples within their music compositions.

Use of these sounds in multimedia projects is limited to use within original musical compositions. Any other multimedia use of these sounds must be cleared with Wave Alchemy prior to release. This licence is granted for a single user only (and is given on a worldwide basis). The licence is non-exclusive and is granted for the full period of copyright protection and sound samples. You cannot electronically transfer the sound samples or place them in a time -sharing or service bureau operation or a computer/sampler network.

Opening our products constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

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