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Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we donít do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

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Kontakt Instruments

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Image of Transistor Revolution MKII

Transistor Revolution MKII

Introducing Transistor Revolution MKII for Kontakt Player!

Using extensive multi-sampling and round robin sampling techniques, we believe we have for the first time ever captured the true authentic sound of the 808 and 909 in a software plugin... more

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Image of Bass Pedals

Bass Pedals

Introducing Bass Pedals Ė An endless source of wall-shattering subs, filthy bass drones and obese analogue tones!

Inspired by the sought-after Moog Taurus Mk1 bass synthesizer, Bass Pedals combines powerful analogue source sounds with modern sound shaping capabilities to create a versatile and fully programmable Kontakt Instrument!... more

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Image of Pro II Synthesizer

Pro II Synthesizer

A limitless source of screaming bass lines, lush synth tones and powerful analogue sequences, Pro II is powered by over 6500 carefully recorded multi-sampled sounds, driven by a custom scripted Kontakt 4 engine and intuitive graphical interface.

Pro II - The analogue hybrid synthesizer by Wave Alchemy... more

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