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Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we don’t do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

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Electro House Progressions - Progressive House Samples & Electro loops

Electro House Progressions

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Fusing styles of minimal, electro and progressive house, Wave Alchemy's Electro House Progressions offers over 500mb of cutting-edge 24-bit sample material.

Produced to perfection using a wide range of high-end studio equipment, Electro House Progressions provides an extensive palette of electro loops, synth samples and royalty free sound effects ideal for top-flight electro & progressive house music production.

“Superb-sounding contemporary electro loops” Music Tech

Combining Electro House Progressions with our debut sample cd Electro House Underground gives you access to a huge and ultimately complete collection of inspirational minimal, electro and progressive house samples influenced by the underground dance music scene and its leading producers.

What's included in the Sample Pack?

  • Over 500MB (before file conversions) of 24-bit 100% royalty free samples, loops, hits and electro house sound effects
  • Blistering analogue & progressive house basses
  • Essential minimal stabs & synth hit samples
  • Crusty vintage synth loops
  • Frantic minimal drum loops and progressive beats
  • Original Roland TB-303 loops
  • Crispy tops & kick-free loops
  • Live percussion loops
  • Sizzling synth transitions and progressive sound effects
  • Over 200 original drum samples and glitch percussion hits

“An elite sonic flavour” Computer Music Mag

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596 wav samples, 331 wav loops, 265 drum hits & sound effects samples, 329 Rex2 files

More Details

IDJ Magazine Review - Electro House Progressions

By: Dave Jenkins (IDJ Magazine) - 15/07/2009

Electro House Progressions from Wave Alchemy offers over 500MB of cutting-edge 24bit material fusing styles of electro house, progressive house and minimal house. The samples and loops are warm and fat, thanks to their use of vintage analogue equipment.

Although at first glance 500MB may not seem to be a vast amount for your money, this is inspirational royalty free progressive, minimal and electro house samples at its very best! Analogue basses, essential minimal stabs, crusty vintage synth loops and frantic minimal drum loops as well as original Roland TB-303 loops, crispy top loops, live percussion loops, synth FX and over 200 original drum hit samples and glitch percussion. And everything is recorded in 24bit through high quality A/D converters.

Music Tech Mag Review - Electro House Progressions

By: MT (Music Tech Magazine) - 08/07/2009

We reviewed Wave Alchemy’s first sample pack – Electro House Underground – a few issues back and concluded that it was an exceptionally produced collection of bang-up-to-date club electro loops. The second release, Electro House Progressions, aims to carry on where the first left off, creating the ultimate contemporary electro house library.

This time around, the sample pack is available only as a digital download, totaling just over 500MB of 24-bit audio. Although this makes it £10 cheaper than the first pack, you have to choose between ACIDized WAV and Apple Loops versions. Also included are REX2 loops and a selection of drums and FX sampler patches for HALion, Kontakt, EXS, NN-XT and SFZ. The drum hits are nothing out of the ordinary, but the effects, whooshes and bleeps are excellent. The rest of the pack if divided into folders for 303, bass, drums, percussion and synths and features loops at 127 and 130BPM.

As with Waves’ first release, the production is second to none, with superb use of reverb, filters and compression that give the sounds character and movement. The basses range from Mr Oizo ‘wob wob’ grooves to more subtle, filtered minimal rumblers, with most of the loops featuring a hip-shaking house swing. The excellent synths combine nice detuning effects with deep tech pads and upbeat stabs. Although the drum loops may be a little too full and finished for some, the shakers and glitch percussion offer sparser alternatives.

From Daft Punk 303 arpeggios to ravey lead synths, what this pack lacks in originality it makes up for in quality, with some of the more obvious sounds brought up-to-date through expert use of ambience. Combine this with Electro House Underground and you’ve got the ultimate electro library at your fingertips.

Superb-sounding contemporary electro loops from the Wave Alchemy studio wizards

Rating 9/10

Computer Music Mag Review - Electro House Progressions

By: CM (Computer Music Magazine) - 08/05/2009

This sample library manages to fit in perfectly with electro house and all its related genres, without relying on all the clichéd sounds commonly associated with such music. There are 596 unique samples in total, and they all beg to be exploited in the freshest of dance productions. Wave Alchemy have employed some legendary hardware, creating a plethora of synths, drums and FX one-shots and loops, and taking the utmost care to capture them perfectly in 24-bit format. The result is an elite sonic flavour.

Rating 10/10

Waveformless Blog Review - Electro House Progressions

By: Tom Shear (Waveformless Blog) - 24/04/2009

Electro House Progressions is a bit like Electro House Underground on a smaller scale (500 MB). Indeed, the two libraries are designed to compliment one another. The only slight stylistic difference between the two is that Electro House Progressions has a little bit of minimal and progressive flavour to it. Like Electro House Underground, this library consists of both electro house loops and a selection of one shot samples and pre-built sampler instruments. All sounds are 24 bit and in WAV or REX2 format. These consist of 108 Minimal/Progressive Loops, 75 bass loops, 65 synth and stab parts, 37 Roland TB-303 loops, 55 SFX samples, 46 live percussion loops, & 210 drum hit samples and glitch percussion samples. Equipment used in making this collection consisted of Minimoog, Roland Jupiter 6, Juno 106, & TB-303, Dave Smith Prophet 08, Waldorf Pulse, Nord Lead 2 & 3, Sherman Filterbank, Big Muff Distortion Pedal, and the SPL Gainstation.

The first folder of loops consists of Roland TB-303 loops. A variety of different keys are represented and the loops are produced with everything from gentle overdrive to full on distortion to add extra bite. If you’ve heard a 303 before (and how could you NOT have at this point?!), you know what to expect here - lots of squelchy goodness with wild, sliding notes and plenty of attitude.

If it’s more standard electro house basslines you’re looking for, EHP has you covered there too. Like in the previous library, the loops all have plenty of analog grit and are pre-effected to perfection. These didn’t strike me as being quite as instantly usable as those In Electro House Underground. They’re skillfully done to be sure, but they didn’t strike me as being quite as ‘hooky’ as EHU. Taste is subjective, though, so your mileage may vary.

Next up are the drum loops. As good as the production on EHU was, I thought it was even better on the drum loops in this collection. Clear, present, well-defined, and punchy. The beats here have a more minimal/glitchy flavor to them and are a bit more restrained-sounding (not in a bad way). Many of the drum loops are featured in several different versions to add a little variety in your arrangements. I guess the best way to describe the content here is to say that EHP is aimed a bit more at the techier, cerebral side of electro house.

Complimenting the drum loops is a selection of very simple percussion loops. These tend to be pretty minimal and as such, would probably work with a wider range of genres than the more busy EHU percussion loops. Not much to say here except that they’re well done and very useful.

The loops section rounds out with a number of synth loops. Again, the more minimal and progressive elements stand out here and there are some really nice sounding synth parts here. Again, I couldn’t help but feel the production sounds a little bit better on these than on EHU. (Don’t get me wrong, both are great… we’re talking minor differences here!) There are some very nice stabs, plucked riffs, and complex edits here.

Finally, for those of us who prefer to program their own beats, we have a half dozen kits of individual crashes, kicks, cymbals, snares, sound effects and glitchy percussion. The glitchy percussion section is definitely the most fun. The other kits sound great, although I do think they could stand a little more variety.

Overall, another very nice collection of everything you need to make electro house. The standard of quality is extremely high and the different feel to the loops here could make for some interesting results when used in conjunction with Electro House Underground. The price seems a little high to me given that this is a significantly smaller collection than EHU, so I’ll have to deduct a point there, but that still makes this collection a very respectable 8/10.

Rating 8/10

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