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Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we don’t do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

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Drum Machines 02 - 808 and TR-909 samples

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Drum Machines 02

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Drum Machines 02 bundles together three of Wave Alchemy’s micro series packs - 808 Drums, 909 Drums and Drum Fire and offers them at a reduced price of £24.99 (saving you £5!)

Offering over 1500 expertly recorded drum samples, Drum Machines 02 delves deep into the circuitry of the legendary Roland TR-808, TR-909 and lesser-known Drumfire DF-2000 and MFB Schlagzwerg Drum Machines.

Each drum sample has undergone a careful recording process using a unique, high-end signal chain to capture the depth and character of the original devices. Further outboard processing, precision editing and creative sample layering brings these classic drum machines firmly into the present giving you a "modern take on a classic sound".

In true wave alchemy style each unit has been lovingly sampled with great care taken to capture the tone of the equipment used. All drum samples have been recorded through an API 512 pre-amp with many of the sounds featuring different saturation settings from outboard devices such as the Empirical Labs Fatso, Cranesong HEDD and Thermionic Culture Vulture.

Drum Machines 02 is ideal for producers of house, techno, hip-hop, minimal, down tempo and everything in-between.

What's included in the sample pack?

  • 1513 24-bit 100% royalty free analogue drum hits!
  • 560 Roland Tr-808 samples
  • 435 Roland Tr-909 samples
  • 349 MFB Schlagzwerg drum sounds
  • 169 Drumfire DF-2000 drum samples
  • 9 pre-mapped drum kits including sampler patches for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ
  • A professionally dithered 16-bit version of the full library for hardware sampler enthusiasts

Drum Machines 02 Kit List

  • Roland TR-808
  • Roland TR-909
  • MFB Schlagzwerg
  • Drumfire DF-2000
  • EMU SP-1200 & SP-12
  • Empirical Labs Fatso & Distressor
  • Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering Version
  • Cransesong HEDD
  • SSL E Series EQs & Compressors
  • Korg MS-20 Filters
  • API 512c Pre-amp

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Digital Download

1513 24-bit analogue drum samples, 560 Roland TR-808 drum samples, 435 Roland TR-909 drum samples, 349 MFB Schlagzwerg drum samples, 169 Drumfire DF-2000 drum samples, professionally dithered 16-bit version included. Total zip file size 321MB

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Drum Fire icon


Drum Fire

518 MFB Schlagzwerg & DF-2000 drum samples, 238 kick drums, 108 snare drum samples, 89 hi-hat & cymbal samples, 58 toms, 25 percussion samples

808 Drums icon


808 Drums

560 Roland TR-808 drum samples, 259 kick drums, 102 clap & snare drum samples, 109 tom & conga samples, 53 hats & cymbal sounds, 37 percussion samples

909 Drums icon


909 Drums

435 24-bit Roland TR-909 drum samples, 128 kick drums, 117 snare drum samples, 87 toms, 59 hi-hat, cymbal & ride samples, 30 clap samples, 14 rim shots

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Pro Tone Review - Drum Machines 02

By: Pro Tone (Pro Tone) - 22/07/2010

Quite some time ago the brand Wave Alchemy was successfully established on the sample market – for a good reason. Their products are known to be top-notch and highly professional, therefore we proudly present a fresh review of the latest release, Drum Machines 02. It’s a bundle consisting of 3 independent Micro Series sample libraries, with a focus on sounds only famous (vintage?) drum machines can offer.

What you get…

Samples are delivered in state-of-the-art 24bit/44.1kHz format plus professionally dithered 16bit format, something hardware sampler users might highly appreciate.

Part 1 of this sample pack is “808 Drums”, as you might guess - a sample collection built with the infamous Roland TR-808. Sounds are devided into subfolders.

  • Hats & Cymbals (53 samples)
  • Kick Drums (259 samples)
  • Percussion (48 samples)
  • Snare Drums (91 samples)
  • Toms & Congas (57 samples)

Part 2 is named “909 Drums”, as you might again guess - a sample collection built with Roland’s TR-909.

  • Cymbals (59 samples)
  • Kick Drums (128 samples)
  • Percussion (44 samples)
  • Snare Drums (117 samples)
  • Toms & Congas (87 samples)

Part 3 is named “DrumFire” and offers samples from the rare DrumFire DF-2000 alongside the well-known MFB Schlagzwerg.

  • Hats & Cymbals (15/74 DrumFire samples)
  • Kick Drums (89 DrumFire samples)
  • RingMod (11 DrumFire samples)
  • Snare Drums (40 DrumFire samples)
  • Toms & Various (14 DrumFire samples)
  • Hats & Cymbals (74 Schlagzwerg samples)
  • Kick Drums (149 Schlagzwerg samples)
  • Snare Drums (68 Schlagzwerg samples)
  • Toms & Various (58 Schlagzwerg samples)

It’s all about the details…

…and there’s plenty of them in here. We like a lot the fact that main samples like kick drums or snares are available to everybody’s taste - clean, driven, fatso, sp1200, warm – this definitely facilitates hunting for the right sound and adding facettes to your track. To our knowledge, it’s the first time ever a sample pack tells the root keys of the toms – awesome!

Okay, what about the sound?

Again, you might have guessed it - we simply love it. The variety of samples is outstanding, the creators applied smooth compression (which is really an art), everything sounds clear, dynamic, pounding. Just as it has to be for drums. Wave Alchemy carefully used a whole bunch of reknowned equipment for sound editing and shaping, once more emphasizing the professional work put into this project


Drum Machines 02 convinced us. Why? ‘Cause it does what it’s supposed to do - deliver versatile, high quality drum sounds, created by legendary equipment. Besides pretty attractive pricing, this pack is ready to support and enrich manifold styles like minimal, house, hihop or ambient. Would have been nice though to have sampler patches attached for easy use within plugins (EXS, Battery, Kontakt…).

Rating 10/10

Waveformless Blog Review - Drum Machines 02

By: Tom Shear (Waveformless Blog) - 16/06/2010

Drum Machines 02 is the latest release from Wave Alchemy, a company quickly building a name for itself as the source for some of the best sounding electronic drum samples on the market. This library collects the company's previous micro packs of Roland TR-808, Roland, TR-909, and Drumfire DF2000, and adds samples sourced from an MFB Schlagzwerg. The sounds were recorded and processed through everything from hi-end pre-amps to vintage samplers and filters, so they don't require additional processing to sound great in a mix. But doesn't the world already have enough 808 and 909 samples?

It's true that there is no shortage of 808 and 909 samples out there. Other sample libraries, both free and commercial, have explored this territory many times over already. But while you've no doubt heard these famous drum machines countless times already, I'd wager that you've never heard them sound this good. Wave Alchemy is known for the production quality of their drum sounds and this is no exception. The kicks and snares sound impossibly snappy and present. The cymbals are clear as a bell. The percussion punches through a mix perfectly. In addition to tweaking the settings on the drum machines to obtain different sounds, a really wide range of processing techniques were used here to stretch the boundaries of sounds you'd normally expect from these machines. The overdriven variations are especially nice with the perfect balance of hardness and warmth.

Wave Alchemy may have suspected that 808 and 909 samples, good as these are, might still be a tough sell, so they've wisely paired those two machines with sounds from a duo of less common drum machines - the Drumfire DF2000 and the MFB Schlagzwerg. Both of these machines can do some very similar sounds to the 808 and 909, but both also offer more extensive sound shaping parameters, so the sounds are a lot more varied, including some synthy FX and ring mod sounds. The sound of both the DrumFire and MFB units are unmistakeably analog and while these sounds mostly pale in comparison to the more iconic Roland drum machines, what is here is recorded and processed very well and offers an extended palette for those in the mood for something more synthy sounding.

As always, the sounds are divided up into sub folders by sound types making it quick to find the sounds you need. A handful of mapped out drum kits is included for the various soft sampelrs out there, but these don't include all the samples in the library, so if you want a "sound menu" type mapping of all the sounds, you'll need to take that on yourself. As a bonus, all of the samples are also available as professionally dithered 16-bit sample for those of you dinosaurs who still favor hardware samplers.

If you need some 808 and 909 samples, this is your library. I've literally never heard nicer samples of these machines and the processing is just jaw-dropping. The additional drum machines round things out nicely, and while they're not as inspiring as the Roland classics, they still sound great and give you an even wider range of sounds to choose from.

Rating 10/10

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