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Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we don’t do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

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Drum Machines 01 - Drum Samples & Drum Sounds

Drum Machines 01

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Drum Machines 01 bundles together three of Wave Alchemy’s popular micro series packs - AirBase Drums, Deep Drums and Electrik Drums and offers them at an unbeatable price of £22 (saving you £5!)

Offering a jaw-dropping collection of exquisitely produced drum samples from the highly regarded - Vermona DRM MK11, Jomox AIRBase99, Jomox MBase 11 and Jomox XBase999 drum machines, Drum Machines 01 is a must have for anyone wanting to expand their drum-hit library with an authentic array of warm analogue drum sounds.

"A well sampled and sorted package of drums" Martin Eyerer

All drum machine samples have been beautifully recorded through an API 512c pre-amp with a small selection of the sounds being sonically enhanced through the use of an Empirical Labs Distressor and high-end SSL equalizers.

What's included in the sample pack?

  • 1400 24-bit 100% royalty free analogue drum machine hits!
  • 466 XBase999 drum samples
  • 453 Vermona DRM MK11 drum samples
  • 237 AIRBase99 drum samples
  • 245 MBase11 kick drum hits

"You could guarantee extreme speaker movement were you to take these sounds to the dance floor!" Music Tech Mag

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Please Note: This library consists of only single-hit drum samples and does not contain any loops

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1400 wav samples, 738 kick drum samples, 165 snare drums, 159 percussion hits, 123 toms, 91 hi-hats, 87 claps, 20 sound effects 18 crash cymbals

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Airbase Drums

482 wav samples, 373 kick drum samples, 11 claps, 30 snare drums, 21 hi-hats, 31 toms, 12 percussion hits, 4 crash cymbals

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Deep Drums

453 wav samples, 150 kick drum samples, 122 percussion hits, 51 claps, 45 snare drums, 35 toms, 30 hi-hats, 20 sound effects

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Electrik Drums

453 wav samples, 150 kick drum samples, 122 percussion hits, 51 claps, 45 snare drums, 35 toms, 30 hi-hats, 20 sound effects

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Future Music Mag Review - Drum Machines 01

By: Greg Scarth (Future Music Magazine) - 18/02/2010

The latest in a long line of impressive sample packs from Wave Alchemy, Drum Machines 01 gathers together three previous products, AirBase Drums, Deep Drums and Electrik Drums.

This exhaustive compilation features a wide variety of drum samples generated by analogue drum synths from JoMoX and Vermona. There are no loops, just top quality kicks, snares, claps and more! All 1,400 samples were recorded in 24-bit WAV resolution through API preamps and an assortment of high-end outboard. At this bargain price, Drum Machines 01 would make an outstanding addition to anyone’s collection.

Rating 9/10

Computer Music Mag Review - Drum Machines 01

By: CM (Computer Music Magazine) - 18/12/2009

This sample pack contains three products, namely AirBase Drums, Deep Drums and Electrik Drums. Featuring a variety of drum samples from analogue drum machines, the 1400 sounds included are astoundingly crisp and clear!

Sourced from the Vermona DRM Mk11 and three Jomox drum machines (AIRBase99, MBase 11 and XBase999), and captured using high-end gear from the likes of SSL and API, the results are a testament to Wave Alchemy's meticulous approach.

The incredibly clear, expansive sub bass of the kick drums is of particular note. This isnt the most original sample pack, but as a set of analogue drum samples of the highest conceivable quality, it's hard to fault!

Rating 9/10

Music Tech Mag Review - Drum Machines 01

By: MT (Music Tech Magazine) - 15/12/2009

Although most modern DAW's and software samplers come packaged with your standard 808 and 909 electronic drum hits, there are many other lesser-known analogue drum machines that can offer equally powerful kick drums and snappy snares

Drum Machines 01 is the latest sample pack from Wave Alchemy, and is actually three micro series packs bundled together into one high value package

Available as a download, the sample pack comes in at just under 200mb and features 1400 meticulously sampled drum hits from the Vermona DRM MK11, Jomox AIRBase99, Jomox MBase 11 and Jomox XBase 999 drum machines. All of the drum hits have been recorded at 24-bit resolution through an API 512c preamp with some samples enhanced using an Empirical Labs Distressor & high-end SSL EQs.

As you would expect from electronic drums, there is some serious weight to each drum hit and you could guarantee extreme speaker movement were you to take these sounds to the dance floor

Of all the machines, the AIRBase99 is probably the best all-rounder, with some nice sounding claps, snare drums and hats. The MBase 11 features the weightiest kick drums, with deep analogue warmth and a large variety of pitch-bent dives.

If you are after more variety, the Xbase 999 collection features both short and tight drum hits that would be great for minimal house / techno styles, plus some gritty sustained kick drums and pitched tom samples.

Finally, the Vermona DRM MK11 has a much more synth-like sound to it, complete with noisy snare drums and hats, computer-game effects sounds and both softer and warmer kick drums. Where the other kits excel at more aggressive house and techno sounds, this machine could provide some suberbly obscure sounds for electronica producers

Overall this is an excellent value sample pack for anyone wanting to expand their electronic drum library and features plenty of variety for both harder dance floor and more minimal production styles!

Verdict - A massive collection of powerful drum hits that will extend your drum library

Rating 8/10

Waveformless Blog Review - Drum Machines 01

By: Tom Shear (Waveformless Blog) - 04/11/2009

When I was a kid, there was an old house up the street where two elderly eccentric brothers lived together. These guys were "hoarders" - they never threw anything away and their house was filled floor to ceiling with boxes, old newspapers, trash, and assorted other stuff most of us would have thrown away. Their hoarding problem was so bad that they eventually had to move out onto the porch of their house. Well... I'm kind of that way with drum samples. I already have more drum samples on my hard drive than any mere mortal could possibly use in a lifetime, and yet, I constantly find myself looking for more. So, along comes sample developers Wave Alchemy with a new bundle of electronic drum samples to feed my addiction. I believe that makes them enablers. And when the samples are as good as these, that's okay with me.

Drum Machines 01 is actually a repackaging of 3 "micropacks" of electronic drum sounds previously released by Wave Alchemy called AirBase Drums, Deep Drums , and Electrik Drums. Collectively, the drum samples in these collections come from some of the famous boutique drum machines from Jomox such as the Airbase 99, Xbase 999, and the Mbase 11, as well as 1 machine from Vermona (the DRM Mk-II). Wave Alchemy says these sounds were all recorded through an API 512c pre-amp and were further processed with an Empirical Labs Distressor and various SSL equalizers.

There are 1,400 samples here with the following breakdown

  • 128 AIRBase99 kick drums
  • 245 MBase11 kick drums
  • 41 AIRBase99 clap & snare drum samples
  • 52 AIRBase99 hi­hats & toms
  • 16 AIRBase99 percussion & crash cymbal samples
  • 150 Vermona DRM MK11 kick drums & subs
  • 96 Vermona DRM MK11 snare drum & luxury clap samples
  • 65 Vermona DRM MK11 hi­hats & toms
  • 122 Vermona DRM MK11 percussion samples
  • 20 Vermona DRM MK11 sound effects
  • 215 XBase999 kick drums
  • 115 XBase999 clap & snare drum samples
  • 40 XBase999 hi­hats
  • 57 XBase999 toms
  • 39 XBase999 percussion & crash cymbal samples

So yeah... there are a few sounds here and in case you missed it, they're only asking £22 for the whole shebang! But how do they sound? As with Wave Alchemy's previous releases, they sound excellent. The kicks have punch, weight, and presence, the snares have lots of snap, and the cymbals all have a pleasant sizzle. There is a good balance here between variety of sounds and offering small variations thereof. Some people may wish there were simply a lot of sounds that are totally different from one another, but the addition of the subtle variations really is the next best thing to actually owning the drum machines yourself and gives you a ton of flexibility.

I'm not going to go through and describe each and every sound for you since that would make for a pretty boring read, but I can go into the general character of the machines sampled. The Airbase 99 is probably the nicest sounding of the lot, producing sounds somewhere between a Roland TR-909 and 808. There are some more synthy sounding timbres here as well, but for the most part, if you are a fan of the TR sound, you're know what to expect. The Mbase 11 is Jomox's dedicated kick drum synth and it is an absolute monster. The usual 909 and 808 kicks are present here, some clean, some overdriven and nasty. Additionally, you'll find all manner of electronic kicks from tight goa kicks to sustaining subs that'll rattle your teeth. The Xbase 999 is similar in concept to the Airbase 99, but I found it to have a decidedly more synthetic sound. Finally, the Vermona DRM Mk-II is the most synthetic-sounding of all, sounding more like the types of drum and percussion sounds you'd get from an analog monosynth or a vintage modular.

What's not here? Well, if you're after clickier kicks or more digital sounding drums, this isn't for you. The sounds here are as analog as it gets and if that is your sort of thing, this collection is going to keep you happy for a very long time. My only complaint is that there are no pre-mapped sample instruments (EXS, Kontakt, Reason, etc.), so you will have to map the sounds out yourself. But at this price, that seems an awfully petty thing to complain about. Indeed, if you make dance music, you'd be a fool to pass this collection up!

Rating 10/10

Altsounds Review - Drum Machines 01

By: AS (Altsounds) - 01/11/2009

The drum sample, one of the most poignant objects when it comes to putting together loop based music.

The Drum Machines 01 sample pack gives you three drum packs in one - obviously saving you a few bob. The drum samples are taken from drum machines such as; Vermona DRM MK11, Jomox AIRBase99, Jomox MBase 11 and Jomox XBase999. That sounds all very fancy indeed, but are these drum machines any good? Do they have the bite to match the bark? There are 1400 drum hits in the Wave Alchemy Drum Machines pack, so more than enough to sink an electronic producers teeth into. Some of the hits have been wined and dined with high-end EQ and Empirical Labs Distressor - so these samples don't need fine tuning (unless you're creatively manipulating them).

The audio demo provided in the pack provides you with an idea of the different audio possibilities that can be achieved with WA Drum Machines. It's all sounds crisp and clean, with a very techno sound.

On Test

Due to this being a samples kit (not loops) it feels only right to hook these puppies up into an on screen sampler plug-in. For simplicity purposes, trial and testing - I'm using the trusty old Logic dog; The ESX24 Sampler. Alternatively you can obviously just drag and drop the samples into you Sequencing software. This gives you chance to have a flick through all of the drum machines samples available in the pack.

The beauty about the whole pack is the pure vast amount of audio clips that there are available. Each drum sample is pumped out and compressed to studio quality - there is just so much to choose from. You can even produce a whole track just from using one part of the kit.

The Bottom Line

An unbelievable sample pack for your money, every producer making electronic, dub, trance should invest in Wave Alchemy Drum Machines 01. The range is all there, the quality is there and all the sounds stick to their Drum machine routes. When you think about the amount of variation you have within a couple of CD's full of samples, rather than a huge analogue sampler to have to carry around it starts to blow your mind. Anyone looking for a more authentic acoustic pack should steer clear of this one, although it's worth buying just for the bloody price!

Wave Alchemy have done themselves proud with this one, the samples are high quality - don't get me wrong there are a few duds, but there is so much to choose from. You would have thought that converting the anologue sounds from the samplers would make a huge difference in quality, but the guys over at the lab have worked this and made it their own. Well done, and thankyou!

Rekkerd Review - Drum Machines 01

By: Ronnie (Rekkerd Blog) - 28/10/2009

Wave Alchemy clearly take sampling seriously. They have done a smashing job at sampling these drum machines to a high quality standard. The variety of drum sounds available is good, but note that over half of the 1,400 sounds are kick drums sounds. The hits are generally really tight and punchy sounding and even though I already have a boatload of electronic drum samples, I still found a lot of new sounds in this library.

In short, a high quality pack of electronic drum sounds. If you don’t have any sounds from these drum machines yet, be sure to check out Drum Machines 01.

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