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Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we don’t do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

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Deep Tech & Progressive - Loops and Samples

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Deep Tech and Progressive

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After countless hours of creative sound design and technical wizardry we are extremely proud to present our finest library to date - Deep Tech & Progressive, an intricate fusion of hypnotic synth lines, deep progressive grooves and driving tech beats…

Fusing the deeper shades and melodic influence of progressive house with the freshest techno and tech house sounds, Deep Tech & Progressive provides forward-thinking producers with both an essential and truly inspirational collection of sounds.

Deep Tech & Progressive features over 950MB of cutting-edge 24-bit sample content. Expect to find a vast selection of moody synth loops, lush chords, kick-free tops & minimal drum grooves, driving analogue bass loops and a huge selection of hand-crafted one-shot samples and FX.

Additionally included are 600 freshly engineered single hit drum samples, all of which have been produced to the same high standard as our award-winning Drum Tools 01 library and as always have been built from the ground up using a great selection of analogue circuitry. These sounds would be ideal as a Drum Tools 01 add-on!

What’s included in the sample pack?

  • 950+MB of sample content (1.35GB including REX 2 files)
  • 1308 24-bit, 100% royalty free wav samples
  • 654 precisely edited REX loops
  • 434 drum loops including kick-free tech house tops, driving beats and stripped minimal grooves
  • 116 bass loops featuring layered sub bass workouts, snappy analogue tones and deep progressive rhythms. Making use of such synths as the Future Retro XS, Korg MS-20 and Moog Voyager…
  • 104 synth and combi loops offering moody synth stabs, organic sound beds and fierce synth lines
  • 600 esoteric and beautifully crafted electronic drum hits derived from the creative layering and processing of drum machines, synthesizers and organic field recordings. Some of the tools used include: Pearl Syncussion SY-1, TR-808 & 909, Jomox M-Brane, FR-XS, Purple Audio Action, A-Designs EM-PEQ, Spectra Sonics 610, EL Distressor & Fatso amongst others
  • 62 sound effects samples combining finely designed up-risers, down-sweeps, tension builders and transition FX along with esoteric and obscure drones, impacts and soundscapes
  • 30 drum kits including sampler patches for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ
  • All loops within this pack have been created in either 125, 127 or 130 BPM with each file being individually named with musical key information where appropriate

Deep Tech & Progressive is available in a wide range of additional formats and file types to suit every set-up and studio requirement. Purchasing options include Ableton Live, Reason, Apple Loops and Main (WAV & REX):

  • Click HERE to view and purchase the Ableton Live version of this library
  • Click HERE to view and purchase the Reason 4 version of this library
  • Click HERE to view and purchase the Apple Loops version of this library

Click here to download in-depth product info along with full tech specs and gear list.

Please Note: Additional audio demos 3 & 4 are provided to showcase a variety of the single hit drums from this library.

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1.35GB download, 1308 wav samples, 654 wav loops, 654 REX 2 loops, 600 drum samples, 62 sound effects, 30 drum kits including patches for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ

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Drum Loops Only

434 drum loops in WAV, REX 2 and Apple Loops formats

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Synth / Bass Loops Only

116 bass loops and 104 synth loops in WAV, REX 2 and Apple Loops formats

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SFX Only

62 sound effects samples, risers, down-sweeps, tension builders and transition FX

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Drum Hits Only

600 original electronic drum hits

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Music Tech Mag Review - Deep Tech and Progressive

By: MT (Music Tech Magazine) - 27/01/2011

There seems to be a big increase in the number of tech house sample pack releases over the last few months, possibly due to the shift away from the heaver electro soudn to something a little more minimal and cerebral.

Deep Tech & Progressive is the latest pack from Wave Alchemy, blending the deep melodies of progressive house with the driving rhythms and sounds of techno and tech house.

The pack is available as a download in a variety of formats including WAV and REX2, Apple Loops, Live Pack and ReFill. You also get 600 individual drum hits laid out across 30 sample instruments for Battery, Kontakt, NN_XT, HALion, EXS24 and SFZ, which are available seperately in a 'drums only' download. In total this works out at over 950MB of 24-bit samples and is spread across main folders comprising bass loops, drum loops and synth and combi loops, plus aforementioned drums and FX hits.

From the outset it's clear to see that Wave Alchemy has raised the already high bar the company set with its previous releases. The quality of production that has been lavished on every single loop and single hit is second-to-none, with each thick-sounding beat, throbbing bass and lush synth sound leaping from the speakers. This is no doubt due to WA's amazing studio skills combined with a long kit list of classic analogue synths and an array of high-end processing gear.

The result is a collection that already sounds full and mastered to perfection. Of course, this could put some people off iff you want to add your own additional layers and compression, as the drums in particular are already heavily compressed. The synth and bass loops have plenty of modulation, movement and incentice effects, while the individual drum hits are tight and meticulously crafted.

Arguably the only downside is the lack of flexibility that such an already full-sounding set of loops offers. We would have liked to have seen some of the full drum grooves and synth/combi loops broken down into individual elements to aid in arrangement. That aside though, this is a stunning collection of high-quality and imaginitive loops and hits!

Verdict - A superb pack of rolling tech house loops and tight drum hits with immaculate production throughout

Rating 9/10

Future Music Mag Review - Deep Tech and Progressive

By: Greg Scarth (Future Music Magazine) - 16/12/2010

We've been following Wave Alchemy's output very closely since they arrived on the scene a couple of years ago and we've yet to be dissapointed.

Following a series of excellent drum and effects packages, the guys turn their attention to the melodic world of Deep Tech and Progressive House with this outstanding 950MB package!

Over 1,300 samples are included, all clocking in at 125-130bpm to slot straight into your productions. All major formats are catered for, plus the 600 individual drum hits are organised into patches for every common sampler plug-in.

Great stuff from a consistently good company!

Rating 10/10

IDJ Magazine Review - Deep Tech and Progressive

By: IDJ (IDJ Magazine) - 14/12/2010

Wow. Wave Alchemy sure know how to make a decent sample pack. Deep Tech & Progressive is a whopping 1.2GB of drum loops, bass loops, combi loops and, most importantly, individual hits. A huge amount of effort has been put into this, with every drum loop sounding simply exquisite!

There’s plenty of variation in there too - some loops are just percussion, while others have it all. Possible the best thing about this pack is the amount of individual hits you get to play with. Each hit oozes clarity, whether it’s a booming kick drum or a unique snap. This isn’t just for producers into deep or progressive house and techno, this is for anyone in the production. It’s worth every penny!

Wavefornless Review - Deep Tech and Progressive

By: Tom Shear (Waveformless) - 02/11/2010

Sample developers Wave Alchemy are back with another collection of loops and drum sounds, this time setting their sights on the Progressive and Deep Tech genres. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you probably already know Wave Alchemy has a reputation for the excellent production quality of their previous sample libraries. Will this new collection match up? Let's have a look...

Like their earlier libraries, Deep Tech and Progressive is organized neatly into folders. These are separated into drum hits, REX files, sampler patches (where the drum hits are organized into kits in all the major soft sampler formats), sound FX, and WAV loops (same content as the REX files, just in WAV instead). This makes installing only what you absolutely need easy and convenient. As always, file names include the tempo and the musical key when relevant.

Let's have a look at the loops first. There are 654 in total, which are further organized into folders for bass loops, drum loops, and synth & combi loops. The bass loops are up first and they immediately establish this as a collection with a lot more grit and attitude than what we've heard previously from Wave Alchemy. Outboard analog gear, bit crushers, and all manner of clipping are employed to give these basslines some serious snarl. Don't get me wrong, though, although these are quite a bit dirtier-sounding, the grime is done tastefully and up to Wave Alchemy's usual sterling standard. It's hard and digital when it needs to be, warm and full of analog juju when it needs to be. Stylistically, there's a pretty wide range of sounds here. Most of these could fit perfectly in any number of modern dance genres quite well, so don't overlook it just because tech and progressive might not be your thing.

The drum loops are divided by tempo into selections at 125, 127, and 130 BPM. Immediately upon starting to auditioning these I am again struck by how these are different than anything I've heard from this company so far. Not that there was anything wrong with what they have already released, but the level of creativity on display here sets a new bar for them, I think. The drum loops all groove in the propulsive, throbbing way you might expect, but the production is extremely creative and makes these sound much more interesting and high-tech than your average dance loop library. Everything from clean and technical to bang-up and filthy is represented here, so you can probably find something you'll like regardless of what genre you normally inhabit. The production is top notch, and the low end especially is impressive in how clean and defined it sounds.

The synths and combis category basically consists of everything that isn't a bassline or drum loop. Lots of punchy stabs, echoing synths, and lush reverbs on display in riffs of varying complexity. While some are simply isolated synth lines, some of the more complex combi loops also include percussion or light rhythm parts. This category is really the most genre-specific one, so these might be of less interest to makers of non-house genres, but everything here is superbly done. Catchy riffs, memorable chord sequences, and crisp, present production.

If loops aren't your thing (and by the way, you can now buy a discounted version of this library featuring only the drums hits and omitting the loops), Wave Alchemy has your back with 600 individual drum sounds and 62 FX type sounds to create your own beats with. These are divided by folders for crash cymbals, electronic percussion, hi-hats, kick drums, snares & claps, and world percussion. You probably won't be surprised to find out that these are just as awesome as the loops. Combine creative sound design, tasteful use of effects, and character by the bucketload, and you've got a great-sounding buffet of modern club drum sounds. There's really nothing here I didn't like.

Usually when I receive a Wave Alchemy library to check out, I'm not terribly shocked when I end up liking it. There is a really consistent attention to detail with their products that you don't often see. With Deep Tech and Progressive, though, I think they've raised the bar for themselves and their future collections. Perhaps it was just the looser "rules" of the genres they were focused on, but this collection feels like they let their hair down a bit and allowed themselves to get a bit more creative and "out there" than they have up till now. I really hope they continue to explore the edgier, dirtier side of things more in the future. If you make dance music, just get it. You're not going to be disappointed!

Rating 10/10

Pro Tone Review - Deep Tech and Progressive

By: Pro Tone (Pro Tone) - 29/10/2010

Right during the pro|tone startup phase we got our hands on a sample pack by Wave Alchemy, impressing us a lot with respect to what you pay and what you get this left us waiting for new stuff to come, which is why we got excited about the review inquiry of “Deep Tech & Progressive”, a fresh and all-new product from Wave Alchemy

Start up

First of all, the product is available in different formats (Wav & Rex – Drums only – Ableton – Reason – Apple Loops); our review focuses on the Wave & Rex version, which includes patches for the most common samplers (Battery, EXS, Halion, Kontakt, NNXT and SFZ) and delivers a total of 1.35 GB content.

Getting deep...

Listening to the drum sound section you quickly recognize the typical Wave Alchemy style - A clear sound with a touch of analogue warmth and colour.

Kicks range from punchy to pumping and subby, a complete care package at first sight. However, we’re missing variety here, maybe some mild layering or heavier effects – some kicks sound just too similar.

The electronic percussion was created to be smooth and clean, without excessive effects, thereby building a solid foundation for creativity. Surprisingly, this product also includes world percussion with water drums, djembes, chimes and others – something fancy to spice up a house track!

The sound effects section offers predominantly sweeps and lifters, all with a smooth and decent sound to it, often with a charming analog touch. Still, as this is the effect section, some heaver effect use would have been a plus to offer a larger variety. Something we definitely miss here are hits and impacts…

And deeper…

coming to the main part – the loops. Well, there are the bass loops, inspiring samples from deep to subby and 303-ish, not missing out on modern and driving. To get a cool effect, one should add a dose of sidechain later on. Althought basses are not the favored loops, this is still a nice addition to make this package a great overall deal. By the way, the tune of each of these loops is noted in the respective filename.

Drum loops are split by bpm counts and overall offer huge punch and reveal lots of fine, detailed work. Still, it could have been worth considering splitting them into bottom/top/perc/tonal, especially as there are tonal elements included here and there. However, we have to talk about a really critical point now - as good as the loops are, many of them are provided with a kick. Don’t get us wrong, the kick fits very well each time used, but still it narrows creative possibilities with the loops as reverse, cut’n'rearrange is just too often impossible…

Let’s switch over to synth and combi loops – a really great collection to add to your existing library. Typical pluck loops, chords with subtle pads and atmospheres – very inspiring work with a variety of facettes and a true highlight of this product.


To sum things up - Deep Tech & Progressive delivers well-crafted and inspiring samples at a great and professional quality and attractive pricing. Without the kick issue our rating would have been very easy – however, this doesn’t keep the product from being top-notch overall. Our highest recommendations!

Rating 9/10

Plughugger Review - Deep Tech and Progressive

By: Carl (Plughugger) - 27/10/2010

Wave Alchemy have a solid reputation of being one of the top players among the creators of sample libraries, and with their latest product they show they're not afraid of pushing the boundaries.

Last time I laid my perverted hands on a library from Wave Alchemy was a couple of months back when I got the opportunity to write about their Drum Tools 01 collection of processed drum samples. Since then they have been working on a new library, just released - aimed for the more quirkier and darker side of techno. This time, it's not just drum sounds on the menu, but also loops - drum, bass and synths.

The library contains three main folders - drum hits, sound effects and wav loops. There are Rex loops as well, but for the sake of clarity I've chosen to forget about them.

Let's start with the drums.

The drum hits folder is divided into kick, snares & claps, hihats, crash cymbals, electronic percussion and world percussion

  • Kick - 144
  • Snare - 48
  • Clap - 17
  • Hihats - 37
  • Crash - 15
  • Electronic percussion - 196
  • World percussion - 135
  • Sound effects - 62
  • Bass loops - 116
  • Drum loops - 434
  • Synth and combi - 104
  • Total number of single sounds - 654
  • Total number of loops - 654
  • Total number of samples - 1308
  • Tempo - 125, 127 and 130 bpm

Although Deep Tech and Progressive is not exclusively a drum library, that's were the focal point is. Just look at the kicks - 144 kick drums. Personally - I prefer libraries with smaller amounts of single drum shots. They become easier to handle. But quantity aside, these sounds are excellent!

Although quite processed & compressed, the kicks doesn't require unproportionate amounts of space in the frequency domain. Mainly the kicks are keeping themselves on the lower end of the scale. You can hear some relatives to the the boomy 808 and classic 909, but most of the kicks are in the 'other' category. Electronic. Most of the kicks have a sharp transient click in the beginning - which gives them definition, even if the rest of the kick is as deep at it gets.

The snares are in the same folder as the claps - something I personally find both convenient and logical. As in electronic genres, the border between a clap and a snare is at times diffuse. In total there are 65 sounds here and of them 48 are snares, leaving 17 claps which I felt was a bit on the low side, but that has more to do with my personal fetish for claps over snares. As with the kicks - top quality all over the range, and the variety is mixed with anything from classic snappiness to electro with odd harmonic layers. I would say that these snares/claps can work for just about any electronic style, not just Deep Tech or Progressive.

The hihat section also features the same mixed approach. After a few Roland-esque hihats, the vast majority can be labeled as electronic hisses and tonal klonks. There is no clear division between open and closed hihats, but since we're only talking about 37 samples - it's not an issue. It's easy enough to find the stuff you want. I liked these samples a lot, and it also shows that in no more than 37 samples you can practically cover most bases from 909 oh's to noisy hisses to more tonal hits.

Moving on to the percussion side of things, you see that this is where the real energy have been put into. The electro and 'world' sounds combined - 331 sounds.

Starting off with the electro-percussion - this collection is a bit like a lost and found category. The usefulness of the sounds are still very high and stretches from electro-congas and toms, to clicks, kick-like sounds (but not entirely), cowbells (yesyes), effects and even synth sounds. 808 and 909 toms and congas make an appearance with quite a few tunings.

On their own - these sound may strike you as what you normally would consider a box of lost and forgotten items - but on top of a foundation of the kicks, snares and hats - these sounds actually set the character of the drums. Since there are not so many assembled drum kits (complaint on this coming further on) I spent ten-fifteen minutes assembling my own kits. Starting with the kick, I added snares and hihats as I seemed fit - as the last stage I added the percussion elements, by programming a percussion line in Guru while the rest of the drums were playing. Then I was flipping through the percussion sounds until I found something that matched.

The 'world' percussive sounds are synthesized imitations of real world percussion sounds - which actually is extremely cool. I don't know how many libraries I've been listening to where they've included acoustic percussion to an otherwise very synthetic library. For a limited number of sounds - it works, but essentially you're no longer playing in the same sound arena. Here, the sounds have the groovy sliding feelings with waterdrums, djembes and atonal qualities inspired by eastern percussion, but still have a clear synthetic edge.

There were many things I liked about the sound effects. They sound original and keep well into the definitions of the library. While processed - they still feel quite clean. There are no booming reverbs or endless delays, something that I found quite relieving. Although the reverb + delay combo (in that order to be exact) is a weakness of mine, in many cases it actually sounds better without. Here, you at least get the option. The variety of sounds span from wobbly dark soundscapes, to up & downsweeps and assorted computer-ish noises. Good good good.

Moving on to the bass loops - these loops were the first thing that surprised me since I was expecting classic basslines and booming subbasses. Well, there are a lots of those as well, but in all honesty I found these loops to be, quite odd. Many of them consists of only one tone with a fair amount of processing. Dark, quirky and... odd. I wouldn't go so far to say this is as far away from pop you can get, but it's like you're walking in a snowy pine forest and suddenly you see a herd of giraffes galloping by. It's not exactly what you expect. Although I might personally classify some of them as effects - the quality is outstanding! and I can't do anything else than applaud Wave Alchemys balls to create such a weird collection of loops. Weird, cool, earcatching. Useful? Probably. I am not sure. But still. Very very cool.

Drum loops - let's start with the good stuff. They're good. If you're into that darkish underground vibe of Deep Tech, these score equal Ben & Jerrys, Mövenpick or Häagen-Dazs after a good dinner. Mainly these are four-fours but still sound astonishingly fresh, which means you don't fall into the four-on-the-floor-coma. The programming is clever - but obviously that is just a part of the explanation - even a simple loop with just a four-four kick and a hat on every second and fourth sounds great. Although I don't consider myself as a beginner programming loops - I cannot even touch these guys kung-fu.

My only complaints here regards the structure - I know some people disagree with me here, but I think it's a bit of a waste offering three tempos so close to each other - 125, 127 and 130 bpm.

Among the loops are both full loops and kick-less loops. Sadly there are no indications telling you which loops are kick-less and which aren't.

Lastly, the synth and combi loops is as disorganized as the drum loops - only here it's a bit more confusing. Some of the loops are plain and normal synth loops/stabs/chords - but some of them have other element in them. In many cases this is not a problem, but when you've found a nice mellow synth background and there is a hihat playing on top of it, and there is no alternative variations, I get a bit grumpy.

The style swings from dark and moody, to bright and moody. From blippy to smeared soundscapes. It's a bit like the experimental backbone of the bass loops.

Sampler patches only contains drum sounds collected in neat packages such as all claps & snares, all kicks, but there are a handful - not too many though - kits compiled with the sounds from the collection.

Tech and Progressive is a very fine sample library, well up to par of Drum Tools 01, but it's also the first product from Wave Alchemy I got a feeling of disappointment. Qualitywise - all is lovely. But I do miss single tonal sounds - a lot. Especially as many of the synth sounds are quite nifty.


Deep Tech and Progressive is a truly impressive library. As with Drum Tools 01 - Wave Alchemy have a certain taste and style for processing, and with this library they really show their talents in their drum programming skills. But the library isn't without flaws, especially the omission of single synth and bass sounds, which actually was a disappointment for me. And I can't for the world understand why they didn't include hihat-free versions of some of the synth loops. But apart from that - the library is top notch. Inspiring & well produced. Go get.

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