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Blog » The True Sound of both the TR-808 and TR-909 in Software?

30th November 2012  |  14 comments

Last week in our An Analogue Drum Machine Emulation to Replace Hardware? blog post we revealed our soon to be released Transistor Revolution Kontakt Player instrument and delved into some of the sampling techniques we used to recreate the classic sound of the TR-808 in a software plugin. This week we can reveal that we have indeed visited the TR-808's older brother - the TR-909 and together these instruments make up the final Transistor Revolution Kontakt Player Instrument.

That's right! the final version contains an extremely authentic and expertly designed TR-808 and TR-909 that you can easily load into your DAW of choice... all for a small fraction of the price you would pay for the original instruments.

So the question still stands... "Can an Analogue Drum machine be sampled in so much detail that it could be replaced by software?"

We say yes, we believe we have done just that. Here are a few pre-release demo's showcasing the Transistor Revolution instruments in action.

Here is a sneak preview of the Transistor Revolution 909 interface.

Next week! try out Transistor Revolution for free by downloading our soon to be released free demo version.

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Wave Alchemy
@ Behaviour Beats many thanks for your kind words and positive feedback. We are very happy with how the instrument turned out. All the best Steve
Behaviour Beats
Got this last night its HUGE!!!!! great package and the best sounding emulation I have heard sounds dam near if not perfect to the original fatastically put together great job WA keep it up :)
Wave Alchemy
@ david akin - Unfortunately we are limited when it comes to recreating Transistor Revolution in Ableton. It would be massively stripped down due to limitations with round robin in Live.
Wave Alchemy
@ Doug S - no only the latest version of K5. However this is not a problem as you will be able to use the free Kontakt player to run it. Hope this helps, best wishes Steve
david aknin
In Ableton Instrument too, that would be a huge addon.
Doug S
Will this work in K4 as well?
Looking forward to this release! :)
Great news!
But the ones really missing for classy electronic drum sound are Linndrums 1& 2.
Nobody took the time to properly sample them, while it's staple in today indie/electro music imho.
Factory Presets
It would be cool if you make Reason version of this. I understand that NN-XT/Combinator isn't as advanced as Kontakt, but I love the sound of both 808 and 909 as well as I like the quality and usability of your libraries, so I'd definitely buy a stripped down version of Transistor Revolution made specially for Reason...
Wave Alchemy
@ Made In Machines - Thank you for expressing a fair point, exactly what these discussion boards are for! Even if people like the sound or not these machines have made a huge impact on all things electronic music over the last three decades (but we know this already). What we set out to do 2 years ago was to faithfully capture the true sound of these instruments in a software plugin. The test will be when Transistor Revolution is released soon!... we humbly leave it to others to decide if this is the last word in 808 / 909 emulations. All the best Steve

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