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Blog » Installing Wave Alchemy Live Packs

2nd March 2012  |  8 comments

Have you ever had trouble installing Ableton Live Packs in the past?

At first installing Wave Alchemy Live Packs can seem confusing and convoluted in practice. However with a bit of care and attention you can seamlessly integrate our Live Packs into your Live library so that all samples, loops, presets and instrument racks contained within are accessible to all of your live projects.

One of the first things to be aware of before installing Live Packs is that broadly speaking commercial Live Packs are either developed by an official Ableton partner (Soniccouture, Puremagnetik and Flatpak to name but a few) or a developer who is simply operating independently but supporting the Ableton Live format.

The advantage with an official "live ready" pack is that these libraries typically have a 1-click installer which installs all loops, samples, instrument racks, presets and anything else contained in the Live Pack directly into your Live Library.

Conversely those developers operating independently who are not officially partnered with Ableton do not have the ability to create a 1-click install Live Pack and so have to do things slightly differently.

Having spent a lot of time figuring all of this out during the creation of our Pro II synthesizer we wanted to share our knowledge and explain exactly how our Live Packs are created and installed successfully into Lives Library.

Currently Wave Alchemy Live packs are saved as an Ableton Project (.alp) file which is installed onto the users machine and then exported into Lives Library. We expect this to change in the not too distant future (hint hint) so in the meantime here's instructions on how to perfectly install our Pro II Synthesizer Live Pack.

Note: you will need the full version of Ableton Live 8.2 or above and the optional Ableton Sampler instrument to use the Live version of our Pro II synthesizer.

Pro II Live Pack Install

Once you have downloaded the Pro II the first thing you need to do is double click (PC) or ctrl click (MAC) the .alp file named "Wave Alchemy Pro II Live Pack.alp" (see image below). You will now be asked to select a destination on your machine to install the .alp project folder.

Warning! Do Not choose your Live Library to install the .alp file. Instead choose another location on your machine which is away from the Live Library (your desktop will do the trick). Once the .alp file is installed use Lives file browser window on the left of the screen to locate the project folder (see image left).

You can now expand the Wave Alchemy Pro II project folder to gain access to all the Pro II instrument racks!

That's the first stage of the install complete. You can now try out the presets by double clicking them or dragging them to Lives device drop area.

Manage Live Project

If you want to have access to Pro II presets and samples across all of you Ableton Projects you will need to export the contents of the project to your Live Library. To export all Pro II presets and core library into your live library you need to locate the Wave Alchemy Pro II Project folder, right click (PC) or ctrl click (MAC) and select "manage project" (see image below).

When you click "manage project" Live will perform a scan of all files (live sets, presets and media files) associated with the project. Once the scan is complete Lives file manager will appear to the right of the screen.

Note: Under "project contents" in the file manager you will see 1 live set (empty), 152 Instrument Racks (Pro II Presets) and 6498 media files (this is Pro II's core library of WAV's).

Export to Library

You are now ready to export the Pro II presets and accompanying core library to your Live Library. Under "export to library" click export (see image below).

Once Live has finished exporting you will find the Pro II instrument racks in your Live Library here: Presets\Instruments\Instrument Rack\WA Pro II\

and the Pro II Core Library (all WAV's) in your live library here: Samples\Wave Alchemy\WA Pro II\

You can now use any of the Pro II instrument racks in any of your Live projects.

Note: once you have exported the Pro II presets and core library into your Live Library make sure you save the original .alp Live Project file somewhere safe just in case you need to do a fresh re-install at a later date!

Please feel free to leave a comment if you find this post useful (or not!). Perhaps you have got a cool idea for a related post? or maybe you would like to know how to create your own professional live pack?

Author: S Heath

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Wave Alchemy
Hi Will, the live pack will not work in Live 7. I think significant changes were made in the leap from Live 7 and 8, specifically changes to simpler / sampler. For the pack to work in Live 7 the instrument racks / sampler presets would need to be re-mapped and saved. I would be interested to hear about any attempts to install using Live 7. Regards Steve
Hi, what happens if I try and use the live pack with Live 7?
Wave Alchemy
Hi Peter, with the Pro II you will find the instrument rack presets in Presets\Instruments\Instrument Rack\WA Pro II\ and all wavs (the core library) in Samples\Wave Alchemy\WA Pro II\

Hope this helps!
Hello Steve! I fell very stupid, but where in the Live Devices Intsrument folder does your live packs go? I did the Installation just as you said but cand find the kits in live browser..
Wave Alchemy
Character length has now been extended! Cheers
Wave Alchemy
Hi, looking into extending the 500 character limit as we speak. Cheers Steve
Hi. Please extend the 500 character limit so we can comment. I tried 5 times to post some information less than 1000 characters but.... ;)
niceeee !!

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