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Blog » Coming Soon! Transistor Revolution MKII...

8th November 2013  |  6 comments

Our brand new Transistor Revolution MKII update is nearly here!

We have given Transistor Revolution a complete overhaul resulting in a brand new user interface, intuitive step-sequencer, and a wealth of new features, many of which born from the feedback we have received from TRMKI users.

Check out the following introduction video, where developer Matt Fudge talks through TR MKII's new features.

Transistor Revolution MKII New Features

  • Completely redesigned and re-scripted from the ground up, featuring improved workflow and new intuitive graphical interface
  • Single unified instruments for both the TR-808 and TR-909 instruments
  • Brand new TR style 16 track step-sequencer with accent control, host sync, swing/shuffle and extensive advanced parameter settings
  • Dedicated 10-track mixer with individual processing, volume control and pan for each drum sound
  • Dual delay and reverb units loaded with custom built Impulse Responses
  • Master processing section including multi-track Tape machine, compression and master EQ modules

  • Design and browse hundreds of presets that encompass the entire history of the 808 and 909 drum sound. From the original analog step-sequenced machines, 12-bit MPC60, SP1200 and tape resampling or modern sounds not yet heard. All instantly switchable from a single click
  • Modular Preset Browser allow for instant recall of Drum Patterns, Mixer Channels and Tape Machine / Master Bus Settings in thousands of different configurations
  • Browse over 1000 included patterns in various styles and easily create and share your own using a fast and intuitive external pattern/preset browser
  • Swap and browse the same presets and patterns between both Revolution-808 and Revolution-909

Live Performance

  • Live performance features make performing with Transistor Revolution a fluid and natural experience whether you're a drummer, DJ or Producer
  • Pattern write mode allows DJs and Producers to sequence and arrange patterns live in realtime with full editing capabilities all without having to look at the computer screen
  • Deep velocity modulation capabilities allow live drummers to add true analog expression to the classic 808 and 909 drum sounds which can be triggered and mapped easily from any Controller or Electronic Drum Kit

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Doug Shearer
Been Using Mk2 for a day now and I can say WA just made my go to VST even better by far the best bit of software I have ever used. Such a well executed idea BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Hughes
Absolutely love Transistor Revolution, especially the round robin sampling. The new GU and one screen set-up will make the instrument so much more approachable. I agree that easy integration with Maschine would be a dream come true; if functions such as tune, tone, swing etc. were automatically mapped to the rotary controllers (for each sound) then I would be the happiest of men!!! Great job Wave Alchemy- love your products.
Wave Alchemy
Hi Tony,

I'm not sure if you have watched the full video in our blog post above, but if you skip to 17 mins into the video you can see that we have implemented a very unique RAM saving feature that allows you to fully customize each drum voice.. In fact, even without using this feature, the new TR MK11 version uses 50% less RAM than MK1, even when in 'analogue' mode, thanks to developer Matt's great scripting work!

Wave Alchemy
Hi Scott,

Thanks for the positive words! I'm glad you think the new layout looks fantastic. MK11 is really a joy to use in comparison to MK1, I have had hours of fun playing with it! We actually plan to include some TR MK11 presets in NI Macshine format... We will provide more info on this closer to release date.

Scott James
Good to see your listening to users feedback excellent work people.

The first implementation sounded great but it was a bit painful to use with the multiple pages so the sequencer and one page set up looks fantastic. Now if I can only figure a way to use this in NI's maschine! booya!
Tony Jeeves
Ram issue has been my biggest bug-bear with this first version, hopefully this next version would be better, upgrade pricing or free to users? Also would like to see a controller for this - I'd actually like to see the product removed from Kontakt and have it's own VST/Controller, that would really push this, i.e. like Spark but purely for 808/909 drums....

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