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Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy specializes in cutting-edge sample libraries that are lovingly produced by us - for you. What we don’t do is rip sounds from vinyl, CD, mp3 or any other source and pass them off as our own! Everything we produce is 100% original.

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Wave Alchemy sample packs, sample cds and sample libraries are carefully produced and engineered using high-end recording equipment and outboard signal processors. At the core of our workflow lies a distinct attention to detail which helps us focus on the production of high quality, 100% royalty free samples, loops and sound effects for music production. View and instantly download our full range of sample packs below…
Image of Synth Drums

Synth Drums

Ten Vintage synthesizers expertly programmed to create a ground-breaking Drum Library, our most comprehensive and intricately designed to date. Incorporating all-time classic analogue machines with modern High-End processing hardware and production techniques.

Introducing Synth Drums, offering over 5900 cutting edge, totally unique drum samples and percussive hits, each carefully crafted by hand, on a sound-by-sound basis... more

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Image of Modern Guitar Tools

Modern Guitar Tools

Funky disco loops, distorted French-house licks, creatively layered ensembles, wah-wah runs, palm-muted guitar, soundtrack/acoustic loops and much more…

Introducing Modern Guitar Tools - a fresh and exciting collection of over 400 guitar performances, boasting a wide range of playing styles, musical genres and tempos!... more

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Image of Transistor Revolution MKII

Transistor Revolution MKII

Introducing Transistor Revolution MKII for Kontakt Player!

Using extensive multi-sampling and round robin sampling techniques, we believe we have for the first time ever captured the true authentic sound of the 808 and 909 in a software plugin... more

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Image of Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 2

Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 2

Authentic Afro-Latin percussion ensembles, powerful tribal rhythms, expressive fills and intricate solo percussion performances!

Afro-Latin percussion Volume 2 offers an exciting collection of ‘drum heavy’ Afro- Caribbean and Latin American percussion loops and hits including; multiple congas, quinto and tumba drums, djembe, bongos, cajon, mini-timbales and timbales... more

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Image of Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 1

Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 1

Afro-Latin percussion Volume 1 offers an impressive collection of acoustic percussion loops and exciting organic rhythms.

Volume 1 focuses on ‘light’ Afro- Caribbean and Latin American percussion instruments including; multiple shakers, cabasa, guiro, claves, sticks, bells, wood blocks and many other percussive ‘toys’... more

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